Graphic advert gives a stark warning on seatbelt wearing

A stark new road safety campaign highlighting the risks taken by people who fail to wear a seatbelts has been launched this week.

Although UK law requires people to wear a seatbelt if one is fitted, recent figures show that nearly one in ten drivers and front seat passengers are not belting up. More people are wearing seatbelts in the back of cars, but around four in ten adults still do not do so.

According to the Department for Transport, unbelted rear seat passengers hitting them during a crash kill around ten people travelling in front seats every year.

The latest campaign includes an advert graphically depicting a road accident and an online crash simulator that demonstrates the effects of crashing with and without a seatbelt.

Transport Minister Tony McNulty said: “Too many drivers and passengers still fail to wear a seatbelt. This campaign continues our thought-provoking publicity to try and convince them of the need to belt up - even on short trips.

"Wearing a seatbelt can save your life - I hope our new campaign will be a powerful reminder to those who seem to forget."

The advert is the latest in the Government's £14 million ‘Think’ road safety campaign.

The total number of road deaths in 2002 was 3,341 - down 3% from 2001.

The latest Department for Transport observational survey showed that front seat belt wearing rates have remained at 90% to 92% for several years but only around 61% of adults wear seat belts when sitting in the rear of cars.


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