Murderer Bamber 'lucky to be alive' after prison attack

Jeremy Bamber, the man who killed five members of his own family in 1986, is said to be "very lucky to be alive" after having his throat slashed in an attack by a fellow prisoner, it has been reported today.

Bamber's lawyer Giovanni Di Stephano revealed today that the convicted murderer received 26 stitches for a knife wound which came within a quarter of an inch of slicing into the carotid artery.

Bamber, 43, was making a phone call at Full Sutton prison in York on Saturday when he was attacked from behind by a knife-wielding prisoner, Mr Di Stephano revealed. He was taken to York District Hospital for treatment before being returned to his cell. The matter is now being investigated by police.

Mr de Stephano said that he was considering suing the Home Office for negligence over the incident.

Jeremy Bamber was convicted in 1986 of shooting his adoptive parents, his adoptive sister and her twin six-year-old children at his family's farmhouse in Essex. Bamber, who has lost two previous appeals against the conviction, continues to protest his innocence.


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