Cold weather set to continue

The current cold spell gripping the UK is set to continue, the Met Office has warned, with more snow showers expected across England and Wales today.

South East England could see accumulations of snow of between 3 to 7cm, due to persistent snow showers, the Met Office warned. The north and east of Scotland are also expected to be affected by heavy showers, which are predicted to spread to north east England over night. The Met Office warned that accumulations of between 5 to 10cm of snow are possible in this area.

The Met Office said that motorists face potential disruption from snow and ice in any area, but the most disruption is expected in the east and the south later.

The bad weather is set to continue into Wednesday, with snow showers predicted to affect many areas. The north east of England, and south east of both Scotland and England are expected to be the worst affected areas, with possible further accumulations of snow of 5cm or more forecast.

The Met Office has predicted that an area of more persistent snow will spread from the east across many areas, which, it said, could present the greatest risk of disruption throughout the cold snap.

Severe weather warnings remain in place for many areas across Britain. The Highways Agency warned drivers to delay journeys, if possible, until conditions improved. The Agency also urged motorists to exercise caution on the roads, keep up-to-date with weather forecasts on the radio, television and internet and to carry a 'winter weather' kit – containing warm clothes; food; water; de-icer; a torch and a spade.

The bad weather has already claimed one victim – a young man was killed in a sledging accident in Cramlington, Northumberland on Sunday night.

The current drop in temperatures in the UK has been caused by high pressures in Scandinavia and northern Europe, as well as low pressures to the west of the UK.


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