Labour attacks Conservative economic policy

Labour have emphasised their focus on a strong economy today, as the party continued to criticise the Conservatives economic policy.

Launching a new campaign poster on the economy, Prime Minister Tony Blair said that the general election gave voters a “very simple choice” – between Labour’s “sound handling” of the economy by Chancellor Gordon Brown or a Conservative economic plan, which Mr Blair said would be a “threat to jobs”.

Mr Blair said that Labour could “campaign confidently on the economy” and criticised the Conservative policy, claiming that it was “so full of holes it is a threat to economic stability”.

Mr Blair went on to say that “economic stability was hard won” and said that under a Labour government, regeneration was “bringing in new business, increased opportunities and increased employment”.

He described Labour as “the party of wealth creation and personal prosperity: the party of employment and enterprise” and said that Labour was building “a prosperous and progressive Britain”.

Mr Blair emphasised: “Labour’s economic plan takes Britain forward, with a strong and suitable economy based on our belief in opportunity, prosperity and security for all. The Conservative economic plan would take Britain back to instability in the economy, rises in mortgage rates, rises in unemployment and cuts and charges in the public services.”

Conservative leader Michael Howard accused the Labour government of ‘waste’ as he unveiled his party’s plans to help British business. The Conservative leader accused the Prime Minister of creating a civil service “the size of Sheffield” and said that “a stand” had to be taken on “government waste” in order to reduce taxes.

Mr Howard also accused the Labour government of having “a gaping black hole in the public finances” and said that the government’s regulation and “red tape” was “damaging” business, competitiveness and jobs.


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