Weapons cache uncovered in Iraqi embassy

It has emerged that following the regime change in Iraq a cache of automatic weapons has been uncovered in a locked safe in the former Iraqi embassy in London.

While burglars had apparently looted some of the safes in the building, one was found to contain weapons, ammunition, and a variety of items likely to be used in espionage activities, when the newly incumbent Iraqi ambassador called in professional locksmiths to open the safe.

The current regime's ambassador Dr Salah Al Shaikhly reopened the building to discover the weapons cache, including four machine guns and a number of handguns. Also found were a variety of photographic and listening devices.

The Ambassador said that he thought the weapons had been used for training, and that the espionage devices may have been used to spy on Iraqis.

Embassy staff had abandoned the building in 2003 on the advent of the Iraq war.

It is understood that embassy staff have co-operated fully with police who confirmed that a number of weapons had been handed in to them. Police investigations are continuing.


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