Government launches online infection control training

Chief Nursing Officer Christine Beasley has launched an online training tool for NHS staff to help reduce hospital-based infections.

The training resource, which is for clinical and non-clinical staff, follows a three-part programme covering infection guidelines and principles.

NHS staff will be able to register and visit topics such as hand hygiene, protection, environmental cleanliness and disposal of waste and sharps.

Staff will also be able to print out key sections to distribute to their colleagues and check how well their part of the hospital is following the guidelines.

The government said that the online availability of the training resource, which is also free, would enable busy NHS staff to check the resource whenever they had the time.

Speaking at the Infection Control Nurses Association conference in Torquay on Thursday, Ms Beasley said: “It is vital that everyone in the NHS and outside in other healthcare settings makes reducing infection and improving infection control their business. This innovative approach to training will mean hundreds and thousands of NHS staff can improve their knowledge of infection control and really help in driving down avoidable infections. I would like to see everyone, from Chief Executives and consultants right through to cleaners and healthcare assistants accessing this resource and improving their knowledge and skills.”


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