Hunting ban upheld by House of Lords

The Countryside Alliance has failed in its bid to challenge the legality of the ban on hunting with dogs.

The countryside campaigners had argued that the Hunting Act was invalid, because it had been pushed through Parliament using the 1949 Parliament Act, which they said was not legal.

However, Lord Bingham of Cornhill, who led the panel of nine Law Lords who heard the case, ruled that the Act was legal and upheld the ban.

The Hunting Act came into force in February. It bans hunting with dogs and hare coursing, although there are some exemptions.

The League Against Cruel Sports welcomed the Law Lords decision. However, the Countryside Alliance has vowed to continue their fight to overturn the ban.

Countryside Alliance Chairman John Jackson said: “It is obviously unfortunate that the law lords could not find in our favour, for technical legal reasons.

“It means that unless the courts find it possible to intervene, we live in a country in which, without the consent of the House of Lords and the Sovereign powerless to intervene, the House of Commons can change the structure and working of our constitution in any way it pleases.

“There must now be concern that our parliamentary system provides no adequate check on the House of Commons, which itself has doubtful democratic legitimacy.”


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28 January 2005
Pro-hunt campaigners lose legal ban battle
Pro-hunt campaigners have lost their bid to overturn the government's hunting ban. The Countryside Alliance had launched a case to overturn the 2004 Hunting Act, because it had been passed by use of the Parliament Act 1949, which the group claimed was invalid.
16 February 2005
Pro-hunt supporters lose hunting ban appeal
The latest appeal by pro-hunt campaigners, Countryside Alliance, to overturn the hunting ban, has been rejected by the Appeal Court. The group had argued that the government's Hunting Act, which becomes law on February 18, is invalid, because the 1949 Parliament Act was used to introduce the act, following opposition in the House of Lords.
01 July 2003
Commons votes to ban hunting with dogs
Labour backbenchers last night humbled the government over an attempt to install a last-minute compromise amendment in the Hunting Bill, when MPs backed a total ban by 362 votes to 154. Today, Rural Affairs Minister Alun Michael said that it was now conceivable that a total ban on hunting with dogs could be enforced by 2005.
25 January 2005
Pro-hunt group mount court challenge to ban
The Countryside Alliance will continue their fight against the government's anti-hunting ban in the High Court today. The pro-hunt group will challenge the legal validity of the Parliament Act 1949, which was used by the House of Commons to force through the anti-hunting bill, over-ruling the House of Lords, which has objected to the bill.
07 January 2005
Animal rights protestors to challenge hunting ban delay
Anti-hunt protestors have pledged to fight a proposed delay on the hunting ban, which is due to come into force on February 18. Pro-hunting group, the Countryside Alliance, had requested an injunction to delay the ban, while they attempt to have it over-turned in the High Court.