Two UK soldiers killed in Iraq bombing

A roadside bomb attack has killed two British soldiers and injured another on the outskirts of al Amara in Southern Iraq.

According to a Ministry of Defence (MoD) spokesperson the injured soldier is understood to have suffered "non-life threatening injuries".

The MoD confirmed that next of kin were being informed.

An investigation has been launched into the incident.

The latest fatalities bring the number of British troops killed in the post conflict stage of the Iraq military operation to 103. Almost 9,000 British personnel are stationed in Iraq.

Local authorities in the southern Iraq region around Basra have withdrawn support for the British force following revelations of a video appearing to show abuse of Iraqi civilians by British forces.

US forces have suffered 2,295 fatalities, with over 16,000 casualties, almost half of those wounded were too badly injured to return to duty. Other nations in the multi-national force have lost 94 personnel.

The latest US fatality was a soldier killed by small arms fire in Baghdad on Monday February 27. At the weekend one US soldier was killed and another fatally wounded when the vehicle they were travelling in was caught by a roadside bomb.


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15 May 2006
MoD names British soldiers killed in Iraq bombing
The Ministry of Defence has named the two soldiers killed in a roadside bomb blast in Iraq on Saturday. Privates Joseva Lewaicei, 25, and Adam Morris, 19, both of the 2nd Battalion, The Royal Anglian Regiment, died as a result of injuries sustained from a roadside bomb that occurred around 11.45pm local time in Basra, southern Iraq, on Saturday.
28 September 2004
Two soldiers killed in southern Iraq
Two British soldiers have died following an ambush outside the town of Basra in southern Iraq, the Ministry of Defence has confirmed. Soldiers came under fire as they tried to rescue others from an armoured Land Rover which had been hit by a rocket-propelled grenade at around 0615BST.
01 August 2006
Three British soldiers killed in Afghanistan
Three British soldiers have been killed in southern Afghanistan, the Ministry of Defence has confirmed. A fourth soldier was seriously injured. The MoD said that the troops were part of the 4,000-strong Nato-led International Security Assistance Force on patrol in the volatile Helmand Province around 0630 GMT when they were attacked.
13 September 2005
MoD names soldier killed in Iraq
The Ministry of Defence has confirmed the name of a British soldier killed in a bomb explosion in Iraq on Sunday. Major Matthew Bacon, 34, from the London area, was travelling in an armoured landrover in Basra, southern Iraq, when a roadside bomb exploded, hitting the vehicle.
19 July 2004
British soldier dies in Basrah helicopter crash
A British soldier has died after an RAF helicopter crashed in southern Iraq today. The MoD confirmed that the soldier was killed in "an accident" involving an RAF Puma helicopter at Basrah International Airport. Two other British military personnel were injured during the incident.