Britain 'could halve Iraq troops'

Britain may reduce the number of troops in Iraq by around half, after handing over control in Basra to Iraqis within the next nine months, a senior British commander has said.

The commander, who was not named, told reporters that the move would leave between 3,000 and 4,000 British troops in the south of the country.

He said that the handover could take place in the first quarter of 2007, depending on the tactical plan and competence of the Iraqi army. However, he said that it was "perfectly feasible" that the handover could take place.

The commander told reporters that it would leave "quite significantly smaller force than we've got now but probably in the region of 3,000 to 4,000 people based in a single location".

There are currently over 7,000 British troops in the south of Iraq, mainly in the Basra area.

Last month, British forces handed over responsibility for al Muthanna - one of the four provinces they were responsible in the region.


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02 October 2007
1,000 More British Troops To Leave Iraq
Prime Minister Gordon Brown has announced 1,000 more British troops will leave Iraq by the end of the year. He also confirmed Basra province could be handed over to full Iraqi control in the next two months.
13 May 2004
Daily Mirror abuse photos 'not taken in Iraq'
Controversial pictures published by the Daily Mirror which purported to depict the alleged abuse of Iraqi detainees by British soldiers were "categorically not taken in Iraq", the Commons was told today.
26 February 2007
Extra troops announced for Afghanistan
The UK is to send around 1,400 additional troops to southern Afghanistan, Defence Secretary Des Browne has announced. This additional force will bring the total number of UK forces in Afghanistan to around 7,700. The British troops are part of a larger Nato force.
24 June 2003
Six British troops die in southern Iraq
Six British soldiers have been killed and eight more wounded in two separate actions in southern Iraq today. The MoD has confirmed that there were two incidents near Al Amarah - about 125 miles north of Basra - today which resulted in British casualties.
03 July 2006
More troops for Afghanistan
More British troops are to be sent to Afghanistan, amid increased fighting with Taliban fighters, according to reports.
25 November 2008
Royal Marine Killed In Helmand
A 25-year-old Royal Marine has been killed while on routine patrol in a southern district of Afghanistan. Alex Lucas, from Peebles, in Scotland, died from his injuries following an explosion close to the treacherous Helmand province yesterday. The father of the former Peebles Rovers footballer said the news was 'heartbreaking'.
13 October 2008
Iraqi PM Says 'British Troops No Longer Required'
British troops are no longer required to provide security in southern Iraq, the country's Prime Minister has told a British newspaper. Speaking to The Times, Nouri al-Maliki said there still may be a need for their experience in training Iraqi forces and other technical issues, but not as a "fighting" force.
31 October 2006
Commons to debate Iraq investigation
The government is facing the prospect of a showdown in the House of Commons today should it refuse to hold an inquiry into the Iraq war. In a debate that is the first to be held on the issue since 2004, Tories are backing an amended motion calling for a parliamentary investigation.
25 June 2003
Bodies of Military Police recovered from Iraqi town
The Ministry of Defence has confirmed that the bodies of six members of the Royal Military Patrol killed yesterday have been recovered from the town of Al Majar al Kabir in Iraq.
30 April 2009
UK Troops Honoured As Combat Operations End In Iraq
The Defence Secretary, John Hutton, has attended a memorial service in Basra to honour the 179 British personnel killed during the six-year conflict in Iraq. Mr Hutton took part in the ceremony at the memorial wall in front of 20th Armoured Brigade headquarters on the main coalition military base in Basra.
31 March 2009
Britain Hands Basra Over To US Troops
British troops have begun their official withdraw from Iraq today as Basra was formally handed to the US army. In a handover ceremony, attended by the head of Britain's armed forces, Air Chief Marshal Sir Jock Stirrup, and US General Ray Odierno, a British military pennant was symbolically raised and lowered over the southern Iraq town.
15 August 2008
British Force Reductions As Iraq Security Improves
There is to be a reduction in UK troops in Iraq, according to a leading military figure. Major General Barney White-Spunner, who has returned to London this week after six months commanding British Forces in Iraq said security was now "so good" that soldiers could "stop and eat kebabs on the city's streets".
08 October 2007
More UK Forces To Quit Iraq In 2008
A further 2,000 UK troops are to be withdrawn from Iraq in the New Year. Prime Minister Gordon Brown has announced to the House of Commons that the numbers of British forces serving in the area would fall to a total of 2,500 by next spring - less than half the current levels.
23 February 2007
More British troops to be sent to Afghanistan
More than 1,000 extra British troops are to be sent to Afghanistan, it has been reported. Defence Secretary Des Browne is expected to announce details of the new deployment to the House of Commons on Monday. There are currently 5,600 British troops in Afghanistan, as part of Nato's 35,000-strong International Security Assistance.
21 February 2007
Prime Minister announces withdrawal of Iraq troops
Prime Minister Tony Blair has announced plans to withdraw 1,600 British troops from Iraq over the coming months. Speaking in the Commons, Mr Blair announced that the number of British troops serving in Iraq would be reduced from 7,100 to 5,500 soon.