Working mums receive maternity pay boost

Hundreds of thousands of working mothers will receive an increase in paid maternity leave, as the first changes under the Work and Families Act are introduced.

From October 1, statutory maternity pay, maternity allowance and statutory adoption pay will increase from six months to nine months for babies due on or after April 1, 2007 or adoption placements from that date.

The Act also includes a package of measures designed to make life easier for employers.

Employment Minister Jim Fitzpatrick said that up to 400,000 mothers each year would benefit from the changes.

He said: "The new rights will mean mothers can spend more time with their newborn babies during the vital early days of a child's development, rather than feeling they have to go back to work earlier than they would really like.

"The new arrangements have been introduced following consultations with businesses, and will also benefit employers by helping them plan ahead and manage maternity leave with greater certainty."

The move is the first step towards the government's aim of introducing 12 months paid maternity leave.

The new regulations will also:

  • double the amount of notice required from one to two months for women wanting to change their return to work dates from maternity leave

  • introduce up to 10 'Keeping in Touch' days to allow mothers to go into work and stay in touch with developments and training there without bringing their leave to an end or losing out on maternity pay

  • simplify the administration of maternity payments and allow employers to adjust them in line with their normal payroll procedures

  • extend the eligibility for additional maternity leave to all pregnant employees where births are due on or after April 1, 2007

A new right for carers to request flexible working will also come into force in April 2007 under the new act, as well as a further extension of paid maternity leave to 52 weeks and a new right to an additional period of up to 26 weeks paternity leave for fathers, both of which are due to be introduced later.


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