Met launch anti-knife crime advertising campaign

Two new radio adverts aimed at discouraging young people from carrying knives have been launched by the Metropolitan Police.

The adverts, which will target young people aged between 11 and 19, follow on from Operation Blunt's 'Knife City' campaign.

'Knife City', a mock computer game demo, demonstrated the tragic personal circumstances of carrying a knife. An advert will be screened on MTV, Trouble, Channel U and Passion TV from Monday.

The radio adverts will continue the gaming theme developed as part of last year's campaign and will deliver its message against a backdrop of computer sound effects.

Commenting on the new ads, Deputy Assistant Commissioner Alf Hitchcock said: "This campaign is a continuation of the educational work conducted by Operation Blunt and follows a three-week pro-active initiative across all of London's 32 boroughs.

"The MPS is dedicated to tackling knife crime in the capital, and will take the appropriate action against anyone caught with a knife. At this time of year, young people will be on holiday from school and it is important that we remind them of the potentially fatal consequences of carrying a knife in public."

Reverend Nims Obunge, Chair of the Blunt Advisory Group, said: "Whenever we hear of a death caused by knife crime there are scores of unreported incidents on the physical and psychological scars this crime leaves in local communities. Young people have suffered the trauma of being victims of this hideous crime and are also on the sharp end of offending.

"The 'it's not a game' campaign is yet another initiative supported by the Metropolitan Police Operation Blunt Advisory Group in our fight against young people carrying knives for whatsoever reason."


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