International search underway for missing paedophile

An international manhunt is underway for a British paedophile who fled the country just days before he was due to stand trial for the rape of a ten-year-old girl.

Authorities throughout North America are on the lookout for cable layer George Galloway, 43, from Hartlepool. It is believed that he is in Canada.

Galloway went on the run two days before he was due to stand trial at Teeside Crown Court. He was found guilty in his absence last May of rape and four offences of indecent assault.

Detective Sergeant Zoe McCarthy of Cleveland Police said: "This man preyed on a young girl for a number of years and carefully planned to escape justice by fleeing abroad just two days before his trial.

"We have tracked his movements to New York and then into Canada - he tried to get back into America from Toronto but was not allowed in the country because his visa had expired.

"It looks as if he has gone to ground to Canada but all police forces throughout North America have been alerted for him. His picture will be at every police station in both Canada and the United States and also at every border crossing.

"His passport has been tagged and any attempt by him to move will immediately signal an alarm - and his arrest."

Det Sgt McCarthy said that it was possible that Galloway would have sought work and be living under a false name. She said: "We know he took a small amount of money with him - not enough to give him independence, and he has had no apparent contact with members of his family.

"I have a simple message for him and that is: 'You can't run for ever. You can't live the rest of your life looking over your shoulder, frightened of every knock on the door or face at the window. Sooner or later you are going to have face up to what you have done and it would be better if that was sooner, rather than later."


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