Digging due to begin in Herefordshire death mystery

Forensic experts are due to begin searching a field near the village of Canon Pyon in Herefordshire for the body of a man who vanished in the area more than 50 years ago.

Following new information from a witness, police have reopened the investigation into the disappearance of 25-year-old Derek Saville, who vanished fromthe village on December 7, 1954 after leaving his girlfriend's home.

The man, who now lives in Perth, Australia, was seven at the time of Mr Saville's disappearance and told police that he had seen his father and a group of unknown men digging what was described as a makeshift grave at the time of Mr Saville's disappearance. The witness' father is now dead.

Detective Inspector David Llewellin, from Hereford CID, said that there was much speculation during the original investigation that Mr Saville had been threatened and intimidated by another man on the day of his disappearance.

Police said that details of the investigation would be passed on to the Herefordshire Coroner if a body was found.

They also said that a file might be passed to the Crown Prosecution Service in order to determine what, if any, charges can be brought.


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