Report Warns Of Worsening Floods

A report into England's floods in June and July has said that urgent action needs to be taken in order to ensure that people are better prepared to deal with severe floods.

The interim report, conducted by Sir Michael Pitt from the South West Strategic Health Authority, made a number of recommendations, which included developing a national framework, no buildings in flood risk areas which were not flood-resilient, water companies, local authorities and other bodies to draw up proposals for investment in the drainage network, greater leadership from local authorities and the public to act more responsibly.

Sir Michael said that the priority of the flooding issue needed to be raised to a level similar to terrorism or pandemic flu, because the conditions were going to get worse.

Yorkshire and Gloucestershire were among the areas worst hit by the summer's flooding, with 140,000 homes left without water. Around 48,000 homes and 7,000 businesses were also flooded in the summer downpours.

Sir Michael stressed that the public also had to be better prepared to deal with floods, by getting appropriate insurance and by having an emergency kit, including items such as batteries, radio, a torch, rubber gloves and cleaning materials.


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