Study Uncovers Miscarriage Predictor

A bedside test which could determine how likely a woman is to have a miscarriage could be developed, following a discovery by scientists.

Researchers at Leicester University carried out a study, which found that women who had a particular, naturally-occurring molecule in their body were likely to suffer a miscarriage.

The study involved 45 women who were bleeding in the early stages of pregnancy and showed signs of threatened miscarriage.

The women who had higher levels of anandamide went on to lose their baby, while 94% of the women that scientists predicted would go on to have a living baby, did not have a miscarriage.

Professor Justin Konje from the university said that he was excited by the results of the study. He said: "If the results are replicated, we would eventually be able to reassure women who present with bleeding in early pregnancy about the outcome of their pregnancies."


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