Leeds 'Dumbest Criminal' Gets Interim Asbo

A Leeds criminal who posted his antic's online has been dubbed the city's "dumbest criminal".

Andrew Kellet, 23, posted more than 80 videos on YouTube of himself and his friends committing offences from speeding to drug taking.

He was given an interim anti-social behaviour order (Asbo) by Leeds magistrates.

The films included Kellett refusing to pay a taxi driver the correct fare and others setting off fireworks in a microwave oven in the road.

Councillor Les Carter, the Chairman of Safer Leeds said that Kellett "must be running to be Leeds' dumbest criminal" and that if "more criminals were as obliging, the city would be safer".

The Asbo will ban Kellett from posting any image or description of unlawful activity on the internet.

Mr Carter said any breach of the interim Asbo could result in Kellett being sent to jail.

Kellett had opposed in interim Asbo saying that he was simply a bystander at the incidents and that it would "breach his human rights by restricting his right to free expression".

It is reported that Kellet has a history of offending and is also facing charges after he filmed himself receiving a suspended sentence at Leeds Magistrates' Court in February.

An application for a full Asbo will be made at a hearing at Leeds Magistrates' Court in July.


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