'Rapid' Iraq Withdrawal From May

Gordon Brown has confirmed there will be a 'rapid withdrawal' of UK forces from Iraq from the end of May next year.

Speaking in the Commons, the Prime Minister said the number of British soldiers stationed in the country would fall from 4,100 to 400.

Mr Brown said the last of combat troops could be out of Iraq by the end of July.

Addressing MPs, Mr Brown said: "In the last five and half years Iraq has faced great challenges and endured dark days. But it has also made very significant progress.

"We can be proud of the way our forces carried out their mission in the most difficult time and proud of what they accomplished."

However, the Prime Minister said Iraq still had many challenges to face, with no easy road ahead.

"But today's levels of violence across the whole of Iraq are at their lowest for five years, economic growth this year is almost 10%," said Mr Brown.

Provincial elections are due to take place in the region early next year, with around 1,270 candidates already selected.

Mr Brown said British forces had endured "great hardship and sacrifice".

A memorial wall erected in Basra to commemorate the 178 service personnel who lost their lives will be brought back to Britain and relocated at a "fitting resting place".

"We will do so when at the end of July the last of our combat troops leave Basra - a memorial now forever to be in Britain," added the Prime Minister.


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