London Teenager Is 4th Swine Flu Victim

A 19-year-old man has been confirmed as the fourth person to die from swine flu in the UK.

The teenager - also the first to die in London after contracting the H1N1 virus - tested positive for swine flu following his death on Wednesday.

He suffered serious underlying health problems.

His death comes after a warning that the number of cases could soar to 100,000 a day by the end of next month.

Earlier today, the Chief Medical Officer warned the public to avoid panic-buying "counterfeit" anti-swine flu drugs online.

Sir Liam Donaldson said there was no need for members of the public to resort to buying antivirals from the internet amid fears over the spread.

He added that Britain had a massive stockpile of Tamiful and would be one of the first countries to have access to a vaccine, with the first supplies arriving at the end of August.

Dr Simon Tanner, Regional Director of Public Health for London, said: "It is with sadness that we have to announce the death of a patient in London who has subsequently tested positive for H1N1 swine flu."

He added: "There are people out there in the community, and we've talked about one today - precious individuals that have got really difficult medical conditions - who are particularly vulnerable when the population has a virus like this in it.

"We've had a spike in London and in the last week or so we've had larger numbers every day."

Dr Tanner also said no details of the patient will be released to protect patient confidentiality.

Jacqui Fleming, 38, of Glasgow, was named as the first person to die in the UK after contracting swine flu, with a 73-year-old from the Inverclyde area of Scotland announced as the second fatality.

A week ago, six-year-old Sameerah Ahmad became the youngest UK victim to date.

All four victims suffered from other health problems.

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