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078 4360 9259
07843 609 259
Rodgers Bay
County Antrim
BT38 8PS

About United Bus Company

United Bus Company - Carrickfergus, Northern Ireland is a leading provider of private hire transport throughout the greater Belfast area.

United Bus Company has been family owned and operated since its beginning. We are fully licensed & approved Coach operator by DOE (NI). You are welcome to inspect our licence & insurance for your own satisfaction.

The safety of our passengers and providing superior service have always been the core values of the company. Viewing maintenance as an investment, hiring qualified drivers, and following our core values above all is what has made United Bus Company successful. For your safety we make it possible to maintain constant contact with operations on a 24-hour a day basis. The owners, management, and operations staff are accessible to our clients around the clock to address any concerns you have about your trip.

To be the best service-oriented company in the Transport industry by exceeding the customer’s expectations in all aspects of our business.

Our drivers are professional, courteous, DOE certified, as well as Access NI cleared for child protection working with children and well-trained for local and long distance charters. Our company is equipped with all UK and European required licensing & insurance including £10 million in insurance.

We employ only industry leading Safety Department personnel, manned by a team of fulltime employees.

These seasoned employees within our Safety Department have been specially trained in safety inspections, troubleshooting protocols, UK coach vehicle safety code compliance, as well as accident investigation and claims procedures. Our Safety Department is also currently in-line with the UK's Department of Motor Vehicles and conducts updated motor vehicle reports on each driver and criminal background checks on an annual basis. So when it comes to technology, United Bus means innovation.

All vehicles in our fleet moving 1000s of customers annually, logistics, mapping, and overall technical coordination are core capabilities of which the United Bus “system” earns the highest marks. Our luxury vehicle, taxis and bus fleets are all tracked by global positioning satellite technology. Our reservation, dispatch and call centre software is considered leading edge technology in our industry. The reservation and dispatch system was internally developed by our staff of professionals with a combined 35 years of experience in the industry.

All our drivers have carried out First Aid training.


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