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1st Floor, Blackstaff Studios,
8 - 10 Amelia Street
County Antrim
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09:00 am-05:30 pm
09:00 am-05:30 pm

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Adobe Courses with
Training Suites based in Amelia St. Belfast, opposite Europa Hotel
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Adobe Photoshop Introduction
1-Day course
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  • What is Photoshop
  • Over view of Selection Tools
  • Understanding Layers
  • Understanding Colour Modes
  • Working With Type
  • Preparing to Publish

Adobe Photoshop Advanced
1-Day Course
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  • Typographic Design
  • Painting with the Mixer Brush
  • Vector Drawing Techniques
  • Advanced Compositing
  • Editing Video
  • Painting with the Mixer Brush
  • Working with 3D Images
  • Preparing Files for the Web
  • Producing and Printing Consistent Colour

Adobe InDesign Introduction
2-Day course
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  • Quick Tour of InDesign
  • Basic Documents
  • Master Pages
  • Working With Frames
  • Using Tables
  • Colours & Swatches
  • Tints and Gradients
  • Formatting Type
  • Working With Typography
  • Graphics and Layout
  • Transparency
  • Preparing For Handoff to A Service Provider
  • Creating Acrobat PDF Files
  • Importing and Editing Text

Adobe InDesign Advanced
1-Day course
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  • Customizing Your Workflow
  • Advanced Type Techniques
  • Using Type Styles
  • Working With Images
  • Working With Objects
  • Using Tables
  • Stroking, Aligning & Transforming
  • Advanced Colour Techniques
  • Applying Effects
  • Advanced Find/Change Options
  • Working With Pages
  • Libraries & Snippets
  • Outputting Documents
  • Creating Books
  • Working With XML

Adobe Illustrator Introduction
1-Day course
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  • Creating a New Document
  • Illustrator Workspace
  • Creating Geometric Objects
  • Pathfinder
  • Staying on Target with Guides
  • Moving, Aligning and Distributing
  • Creating Lines, Segments, Spirals & Grids
  • Adding Type to Artwork
  • The Pen Tool
  • Selection Tools
  • Stacking Order
  • Working with Colour
  • Gradients
  • Drawing and Painting with Brushes
  • Graphic Style
  • Appearance
  • Working with Raster Images
  • Symbols
  • Creating Blends
  • Overview of Effects
  • Printing and Exporting

Adobe Illustrator Advanced
1-Day course
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  • Advanced Environment Workboard
  • Advanced Drawing Techniques
  • Creating Custom Brushes
  • Using Live Colour
  • Applying Special Effects
  • Advanced Type Features
  • Saving And Exporting

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Adobe Photoshop - Advanced
Adobe Illustrator - Intro
Adobe Illustrator - Advanced
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Adobe InDesign - Advance
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