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About Bullseye Country Sport

Northern Ireland’s first stop for Military Tactical & Outdoor Gear, including the latest Airsoft supplies, Safety Gear, Army Clothing, Tools and Airsoft Gun Accessories. We also have a wide range of Airsoft rifles, pistols and AEGs, so we’re the only name you need to get kitted up as an authentic Airsoft hobbyist.

If you’re looking for the best Airsoft and Outdoor Bushcraft and Camping supplies in Northern Ireland at some of the most competitive prices online, then you’re in the right place. We’ve sourced high quality Tactical Kit & Outdoor Survival Gear and Airsoft Kit from the top manufacturers around the world, bringing them direct to you at low prices plus fast and free UK shipping.

Order anything from Bullseye Country Sport and it’s backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee; and as members of UKARA, you’re assured that we’re committed to providing a responsible service to all genuine Airsoft players when it comes to selling Realistic Imitation Firearms.

New In
Bullseye Country Sport stocks all the latest products from brands such as Invader Gear, ASG and Viper, we are constantly updating our ranges of BB's and pellets as well as our tactical rifle and gun cases to ensure that our customers always have available the top of the range airsoft products at the best price.

Airsoft Magazines
Bullseye's range of magazines for airosft includes mags for AEG, AEP, Gas, Co2 and sniper guns used for a variety of pellets but especially for 6mm BB's. In a selection of styles and colours like black, tan and green not to mention brands such as Cyma, JG Works and WE for all your gun requirements.

Ammo & Gas
Here at Bullseye Country Sport we offer a range of 6mm BBs for airsoft in a variety of weights from 0.2g through to 0.4g by an assortment of suppliers such as King Arms, Madbull and ASG plus our extensive collection includes some of ASG's top and best known brand such as the Blaster range.

Army Surplus
Our range of army surplus items includes helmet covers, pouches, holsters and clothing from various military organisations including the British, German and French armies in a range of camos including MTP, Czech m95, Flecktarn, DPM, French CCE, Tropentarn, Italian Woodland, Desert DPM and AT- Digital plus plain olive.

Gun Accessories
Bullseye Country Sport's extensive collection of airsoft gun accessories can provide you with your airsoft gun essentials. We have rifle and pistol cases in hard polymer versions and soft nylon cordura available in black, green and tan as well as camos such as mossy oak, woodland and BTP brought to you by brands such as Viper, Kombat UK and Jack Pyke.

Bullseye Country Sport offers a few of the archery essentials for the sport including bows, arrows and sling shots. We also can provide the tools required to take care of your archery equipment such as string wax and spare strings.

Explore the vast array of army, hunting and airsoft apparel, footwear and accessories available at Bullseye Country Sport, Northern Ireland’s first stop for military, outdoor and survival supplies.

Gun Bags, Cases & Rucksacks
Bullseye Country Sport's range of backpacks and ruck sacks have a variety of features that make them especially useful for fields sports such as Airsoft and hunting. Our backpacks are ideal for patrol or military situations as well as hiking, camping and airsoft with brands such as MFH, Viper and Kombat UK our tactical laser day bags, hydration packs and modular bags you cannot fail to find a rucksack to meet your needs.

Internal Airsoft Gun Parts
Bullseye Country Sport has an extensive array of internal gun parts for AEG and GBB gunssuch as spring sets for 1911, G17 an dM9 pistols as well as springs from SHS, Madbull and Element. There are also V2 and V3 triggers, switches and tappet plates, and gear sets ranging from 12:1 up to 32:1 as well as standard gears essential for the smooth running of your gun.

Kids Gear
Offering a selection of kid's clothing ranging from age 3 to 12 years in various camo's and style's. Our range of army and military replicated clothing for kids includes combat jackets, trousers, vests, UBAC's and t-shirts not to mention ghille suits and helmets from Kombat UK.

Outdoor & Survival
Bullseye's selection of outdoor and survival supplies are ideal for camping, hiking and orienteering. We have fire starters, flints and kits ideal for your bushcraft requirements.

Here at Bullseye Country Sport we can supply you with a range of scopes, sights and accessories for your airsoft gun. Our range of scopes includes rifle, dot and telescopic scopes from brands such as Element, Strike Systems and Swiss Arms.

Shooting Supplies
Bullseye Country Sport's range of airsoft and hunting shooting supplies to provide you with optimum stealth, strategy and the tactical advantage. We can provide you with the equipment necessary for the maintenance of your gun, safety during shooting and ammunition storage both on and off the field.

Tactical Gear
Our tactical and military gear are ideal for airsoft and paintball, here at Bullseye Country Sport we offer protection for field sports in the form of googles, pads and masks with brands like Invader Gear, Strike Systems and Swiss Arms our masks are excellent quality and come in a variety of protective coverage.

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Reviews of Bullseye Country Sport

Star Rating
I have bought loads of stuff from these guys down the year. Great quality, fast delivery and competitively priced. What more do you need!
Star Rating
Brilliant shop.
Star Rating
Nigel P
Best airsoft shop around. I could spend a fortune with them. Cheers.
Star Rating
Great place to shop called over today ,got sorted with everything i needed will definitely be back
Star Rating
Johnny Garvey
five stars folks and every one of them is well deserved.....!!! bullseye do a great service for the airsofting,hunting & camping community. they"ve got just about anything you could want or need but if they are lacking in anything that you desire (which i doubt) well then, the managment and staff are very friendly and helpful and they"d be more than happy to order your item/s for you....... good products at good prices should i say more......!!!!
Star Rating
Mark Brown
Best airsoft shop about in my opinion freindly staff and has everything any airsofter needs and more

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