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About ONBOARD Training

Why On Board training?

In choosing to work with On Board Training, you will benefit from:

Bespoke Training
Our training is provided on a public/open course basis but can often be even more effective and better value for money when tailored specifically to the requirements of individual organisations and delivered in house

High Quality Service
Feedback from clients consistently highlights the excellent quality of training and support provided and the resultant successful outcomes. These outcomes include increased knowledge of Board Members, empowerment of the Board, improved behaviours, better relationships and enhanced Board performance

Public Sector Focus
On Board Training is unique in its focus on corporate governance in the public sector. We understand the public sector environment. We regularly work with Government in developing best practice guidance and tailoring Board Member training for specific sectors.

Track Record
Our track record and experience in delivering training and advisory services to Boards and Board Members is unrivalled. Our trainers have experience of working with Boards of public bodies in every sector in every part of the United Kingdom. All are recognised as experts in their field

It also provides practical advice on how to avoid some of the common pitfalls that Boards and Board Members can fall into and how to manage some of the crucial relationships within and outwith the Board.

In the past 25 years, David has trained more than 25,000 Board Members and senior executives from more than 700 public bodies in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland (including local authorities).

Processes without intelligent scrutiny and challenge are not enough! In order to ensure that your organisation's key functions are delivered effectively, Board Members need to hold the organisation to account for its performance by offering purposeful and robust challenge and scrutiny. In this half day workshop, attendees will learn about the key pre-requisites to enable effective scrutiny and challenge to take place, the characteristics of effective scrutiny and how to scrutinise in practice.

When organisations get into difficulties and/or governance failure occurs, one of the first questions that is asked is "Where was the Audit and Risk Committee?"

In this half day workshop, delegates will gain a detailed understanding of the roles and responsibilities of the Audit and Risk Committee and practical guidance on the critical success factors that will determine whether or not an Audit and Risk Committee is successful.

We all know that it is the role of the Board to ensure that there are effective arrangements for risk management. However, what constitutes ‘effective’ and how Boards exercise their oversight role is often less clear. While Board Members do not have to be experts in risk management, they do need to understand what ‘good’ looks like and, importantly, how to scrutinise and challenge to establish the necessary assurances about its effectiveness.

In this half day workshop, delegates will learn what ‘good’ risk management looks like and receive practical guidance on how to exercise their oversight role effectively.

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