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Without properly insulated walls, up to 35% of a home's heat is lost. This figure increases if the roof already has insulation.

Properly insulating your homes walls can dramatically reduce heating bills and increase warmth. The risk of black mould growth developing with in the house is also reduced.

What is Partial Fill Cavity Wall Insulation?

Traditional Cavity Wall Insulation (Built between 1934 & 1984)

After 1934, houses were built with empty cavity walls. These cavities range traditionally from 50mm to 75mm wide. The vast majority of this type of house have had insulation installed in the cavity over the last 40 years.

Partial Fill Cavity Wall Insulation (Built after 1985)

Some builders started to build in a solid board around 1985 onwards. This board was approx 30mm and fitted against the inner leaf of the cavity, which at this time increased from 75mm to 100mm. In these cases, this left a 70mm space of the cavity with no insulation.

Many houses built between 1985 until 2008 have a 30-50mm board fitted in a 100mm cavity. If these house were built to today’s building standards, they would have double or even triple the amount of insulation in the wall.

With Certainfil Cavity Wall Insulation, it is possible to double or even triple the amount of insulation in the wall by installing additional insulation into the cavity, making a marked improvement to the heating of the house and reducing fuel bills. In the insulation industry, we refer to this process as PARTIAL FILL CAVITY INSULATION.

Problem-Free Cavity Wall Insulation
Unlike the other commonly used cavity fill systems, the polystyrene bead concept is not a fibre type like the mineral wool you have in your roof space. Beads arrive at your home already manufactured to the density required by the Agreement Board, and they are simply blown into the wall from the truck and sprayed with an adhesive so that they form a bonded mass. Bonded beads have a consistent density and cannot shrink or settle. That's why you can sit on a bean bag without compacting the contents. One could not imagine a void or space within the beanbag, and in the same way, such voids cannot occur in a bead-filled cavity. Our specific drilling pattern outlined by the British Board of Agreement guarantees that your cavity will be 100% filled with beads.

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