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About Belfast Insulation Company Ltd

Belfast insulation Co. Ltd is Northern Ireland’s Leading insulation installer.

We have been providing home insulation expertise for over 25 years, in the domestic and new build markets. With over 10,000 successful installs per year our goal is to provide a service that is second to none in customer care and a quality product.

By insulating your home well you will drastically reduce the harmful CO2 emissions caused by your homes energy consumption.

UK Government Studies show that 42% of Northern Ireland’s households live in fuel poverty so by having efficient cavity wall and loft insulation you will reduce you’re heating bills by up to 40%, as well as the CO2 emissions.

Even houses that have had ineffective and outdated cavity wall insulation fitted in the past can upgrade by having it extracted and re-pumped with high grade bonded bead. When upgrading or fitting loft insulation in a property it is important to also have the correct ventilation installed to prevent any condensation problems. Our trained surveyors provide all the information needed to make the correct decision for the customer. Free surveys and grants are available to everybody regardless of income.


Cavity Wall Insulation
Cavity wall insulation is the most cost effective way of cutting your heating bills. This is because the cavity walls in your home are usually the largest surface area that heat can escape through.

By using our high grade bonded bead you will see a dramatic difference in how long it takes your home to heat up and how long it holds the heat after your heating turns off.

If you have a house with existing polystyrene sheets built into your cavity walls then these can be topped up. This is a good idea because we use a modern higher grade of polystyrene which when installed could double the heat retention of your wall. By topping up the existing insulation it also means that any gaps around wall ties, bad corner joints or cracks in the existing poly board will be filled in.

New Builds
Belfast Insulation Company would install between 20-30 new build properties per week. We service builders with sites of over 200 houses and also one off self builds and extensions. We use the highest grade of BBA approved bonded bead on the market which ensures un-beaten performance in any size of cavity. We can offer u-value calculations to ensure the buildings specifications can be met before any work commences.

Loft Insulation
Loft insulation will save you 15-20% per year of your heating bills. If you live in a house with solid walls this measure is the best way to make your home more energy efficient. We also insulate any pipes or water tanks that are in your loft to guard against any burst pipes or leaks.

Some lofts may require additional ventilation because with less heat escaping through the ceiling into the loft and out the roof means less air circulation. By installing additional vents this takes away any possibility of condensation problems that can arise if not fitted.

Defective Insulation Extraction
The fastest growing part of our business is defective cavity wall insulation extraction. The old types of foam and mineral wool insulation break down and subside over years; this will cause cold spots, condensation on internal walls, black marks and mould growth.

By extracting and re-pumping with our high grade bonded bead these problems will not only be fixed, you will cut your heating bills dramatically.

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