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About Roof Truss Solutions

Roof Truss Design In Carrickfergus
We're a team of expert roofers providing roof trusses, layout designs, site guidance and customised roof designs. We have many years of experience designing high quality roofs of all shapes and sizes, and specialise in all types of new builds, extensions and re-roofing jobs, whether you are a contractor or a one-off self builder. We manufacture roof trusses, feature trusses, metal web floor joists (Easi-Joists), supply I-Joists (Masonite Beams) and more. If you're looking for sheradised twist nails, gable straps or truss shoes, you can count on our team.

Our team is BBA approved and our materials have CE marking. We serve across Carrickfergus and County Antrim. Our dedicated design team work with you to meet your requirements and to complete your floor or roof in the slickest and most cost-efficient way. Wherever you are across Northern Ireland and the Isle of Man, we can personally deliver all flooring or roofing solutions to your front door. All you need to do is get in touch with your requirements, and leave the design work and creation to us.

Why Choose Roof Truss Solutions LTD?
  • Over 50 years' experience
  • Bespoke roof-truss designs
  • Self-build homes
  • High-quality supplies
  • Competitive prices

Roof Trusses
If you're looking for roof-truss structures in County Antrim, contact Roof Truss Solutions Ltd in Carrickfergus. Do you need a custom-built roof truss for your home? Our team is fully trained in roof-truss constructions. We'll utilise our skills and expertise to create the perfect truss for you, meeting your specific requirements. Our aim is to take stress and hassle out of the whole process, so that it runs smoothly and efficiently. Whether you're a small or a large contractor, we can provide tailor-made roof trusses for you. We use Wolf Systems design software for truss design. Get in touch with our team today for more information.

Our services include:
  • All design work by our professional designers
  • All designs done using Wolf Systems software
  • Layout drawings and site guidance
  • Deliveries across the whole of Northern Ireland and the Isle of Man
  • Calculations and certificates provided for building control

If you want versatile flooring systems, contact Roof Truss Solutions Ltd in Carrickfergus. Easi-joists are parallel chord trusses, built using stress-graded timber chords plated together with Wolf Systems’ patented, precision-engineered metal webs, EP 1 985 774 A1 – the strongest available on the market. They have advantages over other trusses in terms of strength, unrivalled lightness and a greater span ability.

Feature Trusses
Do you need feature wood trusses for your home? Contact Roof Truss Solutions Ltd today. If you want to add special touches to your property with feature roof trusses, you can count on our team. Our wood trusses can add a charming look to your property. Our designers can design and draw the plans for your personalised roof trusses so that you can see what the potential finished image will be. We use high-quality materials to build highly durable wood trusses that last a lifetime in your property. We specialise in designing and building feature trusses which are bespoke to your requirements.

Do you want to build your engineered timber floors with I-Joists? Contact Roof Truss Solutions Ltd in Carrickfergus now. I-Joists are quality materials used to build engineered roof systems, timber floors and walls. We can offer cost-saving flooring and roofing solutions to a range of public and private sector applications. The I-Joists can wrap, twist, shrink and consists of slow-grown, high-grade white wood flanges. Masonite I-Joists carry the ETA certification and CE marking. They are manufactured to a variety of lengths to meet all structural requirements.

Egger Protect Flooring
Are you looking for cost-effective chipboard flooring in County Antrim? Contact Roof Truss Solutions Ltd in Carrickfergus. EGGER Protect is made from EGGER P5 flooring-grade chipboard with a durable, anti-slip, weather-resistant surface layer. This surface layer is applied to both the top and underside of the board, resulting in a product that offers protection from moisture penetration, not just during construction but for the life of the floor. EGGER Protect can be fitted in light rain conditions and left exposed, once fully fitted, for up to 60 days, thereby minimising weather-related stoppages and enabling faster completions.

Roofing Felt
We offer quality roofing felt in County Antrim? Contact Roof Truss Solutions Ltd in Carrickfergus today. Here at Roof Truss Solution we stock a quality, reliable, breathable roofing felt from the Powerlon range called Ultraperm MultiZone. Ultraperm MultiZone is a non-woven composite membrane which is tough, durable and tear resistant with exceptional water-vapour permeability and hydrophobic (water-repellent) characteristics.

Bluebird Fixings
Do you want roof fixings in County Antrim? Contact Roof Truss Solutions Ltd in Carrickfergus. Bluebird fixtures are strong, secure and cost effective. The range of bluebird fixings are distributed by us here at Roof Truss Solutions Ltd to many builders merchants around Northern Ireland already, so you can trust that they are successful. This will give you peace of mind that the fixings we provide you with are highly used and perfect for what you need them to do.

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