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About FXL Executive Solutions Ltd

Transforming Individuals & Organisations
A team of highly experienced professionals, who are passionate about driving transformational change through people and organisational capability development.

What do we do?
Since 2000 FXL have added value to organisations by:
  • Designing/executing in-house facilitated workshops; executive and team coaching; and organisational simulations specifically tailored to each client (embodied learning).

What is the FXL point of difference?
  • From initial scope to final measurement, each programme intervention is unique: experienced through a dynamic, interactive style, supported with bespoke designed materials.

  • FXL’s clients have included many of the world’s leading FMCG companies, local SMEs, 3rd sector organisations and a range of professional business services organisations.

Who are FXL Executive Solutions?
A team of highly experienced professionals, who are passionate about driving transformational change through people and organisational capability development.

FXL transforms individuals and organisations through bespoke facilitated programmes.

Building a Leadership Team

  • What is so difficult about leading a team/building leadership teams?
  • What do you know about the psychology of teams?
  • The science of team leadership and performance management (intrinsic and extrinsic motivations)
  • Case studies (what does world class look like)

Creating A Transformational Leadership Team:
  • The 5 stages
  • Benchmarking your team
  • Developing your plan

Key Concepts / Models Explored:
  • Coaching in groups (team coaching)
  • Group facilitation skills

A life-enhancing experience involving a focused, facilitated discussion that opens the coachee to the full potential of their being.

Benefits of a Coaching Culture
An opportunity to make sure your people:
  • are ceaselessly identifying better ways of doing things
  • are able to change roles rapidly as business needs change
  • share both old and new knowledge more freely whenever it is needed
  • are totally committed to developing themselves and other people
  • understand the importance of continuous personal improvement and how to go about it
  • have access to learning from others whenever they need it
  • are completely clear about how they can make a difference and what that means in terms of their current and future performance
  • will challenge their colleagues, the business and themselves to live up to the best each can become
  • feel confident they can take the time to think through what they are doing and how
  • feel they have a long-term future with your organisation

Lumina learning creates innovative psychometrics and possesses a global network of practitioners who specialise in organisational change and long-term improvement. By taking a humanistic approach and viewing people as "human beings" rather than "human doings", Lumina Learning practitioners can help organisations transform their performance by transforming their people.

Business Strategy
Often the “doing” in business happen at the expense of the “thinking”, and yet few would dispute the truth in what Nancy Kline says.

If you find your business is:
  • Overly focused on the day-to-day
  • Reactive to customer or client demands
  • Missing out on trends that could benefit your business
  • Under utilizing the available talent

Then FXL Executive solutions can provide you with the resources to kick start or transform your business and people to a new level of performance.

Using simple yet powerful diagnostic tools, FXL can quickly audit the current organisational capability to perform, develop agreed ambitious goals and outline an accountable action plan that will move the business to a new level of performance.

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