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Custom Motorbike Seat NI

Are you looking for something different and unique for your motorbike seat? No matter the make, model or style of seat we offer a wide range of services for not only your comfort (by using memory foam and/or gel pad inserts) but also for your style whilst on your motorbike. We work alongside you, with any vision that you might have for your motorbike seat, and we help make it a reality!

We can recontour motorbike seats to match the requirements of our clients. We can reshape the seat to get your ideal riding position. The seating area can be moved up or down, backwards or forwards, or the slope or shape changed to match what you need. Within the limits of the motorbike’s design, we can normally achieve marked improvements in rider comfort. We create and transform your motorbike seat to your vision for it – whether it be altering the internals of the seat and keeping the stock cover or creating a full bespoke seat, you can be sure you’re in the right hands.

We can reshape your seat whether it be up or down, backwards or forwards, or make it so it is more comfortable in whatever areas that our clients need. We offer the addition of memory foam and/or gel pads for that added comfort for those long or short journeys – we also add gel pads for your passenger (we have two thicknesses of gel pads depending how comfortable you would like to be). The inserts are not visible by the time we have finished with your motorbike seat and are in keeping with the lines of your bike. Our polyurethane gel pads (which are 2cm/1cm in thick) are ideal for reducing the transmission of road impacts and motorbike vibrations and helps to reduce rider fatigue on longer journeys. The cushioning retains a durable shape without deformation, stays cool in summer and quickly warms to body temperature in winter. The memory foam offers an even more luxurious addition of comfort. We can generally lower the majority of motorbike seats depending of foam depth and electricals that may be in the seat – we will discuss with you any options for such things.

We specialise in one-off designs and recovering of all types of motorbike seats at affordable prices to our clients. We use various types of materials and source any materials that our clients may want for their unique look on their motorbike. If you’re not happy with the look of your stock seat then bring it to us and we will sort it for you, no matter the make or model of the motorbike we will design it with you in mind.

We offer the opportunity for you to have anything that you would like embroidered or printed on to your seat – whether it be a design you have seen somewhere before or it is something that you have designed yourself we can have it put on to your seat for you. We can also put logos onto your seats which may have faded over time – we can replace them and have them looking like new again.


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We offer an international service, whereby our clients send us their motorbike seats (after discussing at length exactly what they would like done), and we then do the work and send them back within a realistic and quick timeframe. We send our clients seats back insured and using the best cost carrier.

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