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About Scribe Transcription

We are your Wordsmiths
We take your audio and accurately and professionally transcribe the files to your deadlines. We like to inspire, work hard and collaborate with you on your project. Scribe can transcribe all file formats whether digital or analogue. Whether you have an interview, a focus group or a personal project we love to turn your words around fast.

Data security, confidentiality and privacy. We combine legal security with NDAs/Confidentiality agreements. We have extensive experience of sensitive projects.

We work with a team of highly motivated, experienced and qualified transcribers. We are Northern Ireland's transcription leader in Research, Academic and Media fields.

We carry out a detailed examination of your phonic files, eloquently transcribe them and return the file back to you on time.

Fixed deadlines. One transcriber per file for consistency. We guarantee none of our work is outsourced beyond the U.K.

Why Choose Scribe
At Scribe Transcription Belfast, Northern Ireland we provide transcription services for professionals throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland. We go far beyond the industry standards to protect your name or brand, as well as our own. We are Wordsmiths. We don’t just quickly transcribe your recordings; we turn them into accurate accounts you can completely rely on.

We are proud to have delivered exceptionally high quality documents from audio transcription. Our researchers and proof readers take care to ensure we’ve used the right abbreviations, acronyms and terms, spelt correctly, as they have been spoken.

UK Based
We never outsource our projects offshore because we can’t guarantee the level of English accuracy if we do. Instead, we only employ transcribers who speak, and write, English as their mother tongue language. They appreciate the nuances of our linguistics and can distinguish the differences in accents and colloquialisms in audio transcription.

Complex Recordings
We have a great ear and have become experts in deciphering complex recordings. Our team is incredibly experienced and able to interpret multiple speakers, dialects, pitches and sounds, turning verbal conversations into legible, clear transcripts. Audio transcription is carried out by our team of experts in your industry.

Comprehensive Research
We carry out our detailed phonic research up front to save you time. We make it our job to familiarise ourselves with your terminology so that you don’t need to spend hours double-checking our work.

Easy-to-read Documents
We maintain standardised templates. Our transcripts are presented in visually appealing, easy-to-read document styles that can be branded with your details.

Virtual but Always Available
Remote working doesn’t have to mean unattainable. If you need to speak to us or ask us a question, we’re available on the telephone or email and always happy to help.

Our site has been designed to make your life easier and you will feel safe in the knowledge that when uploading your sound files, 256-bit encryption is used for higher security.

Endorsed by client testimonials. We are a preferred supplier for many leading universities.

Rates & Pricing
We offer Cost-effective rates with no VAT and we provide Discounts for students and bulk purchases - please contact us to discuss a quote.

Our charges are calculated per recorded audio or video minute which means that you can calculate the fee before submitting your recording.

Scribe Transcription Products & Services

Edited and Verbatim Digital Audio Transcription Service for Professionals
Conference and Event Transcription - Q&A's, interviews and Hearings
Media and TV Transcription - Timecoded for Podcasts & Press Conferences
University Research Interview Transcription - Fast accurate speech to text transcripts.
Legal Transcription - Confidential, verbatim PACE ready transcripts
Court Proceedings
Medical & Pharma Transcription - Confidential, secure and accurate
Business Sector Transcription - Keynote speakers, seminars, conferences and events
Market Research Interviews
General Audio Dictation

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