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3D Laser Scanning London

Our 3D Laser Scans can be presented as a 3D Laser image for Architects and Consulting Engineers throughout London. The 3D scanner has a variety of advantages over traditional surveying.

  • Detailed Elevations
  • Measured Building Surveys
  • Railways, Bridges, Tunnels and Quarries
  • BIM Building Information Modeling
  • Monitoring Structures
  • Facility Management
  • AS Built Surveys
  • Archaeology, Heritage
  • Plant and Machinery
  • Civil Engineering

The scanner data can be drawn in Cloud Works and our clients can view them in a variety of software packages, it is also useful for producing 2D plans and sectional elevations.

3D Laser scans can be introduced at the tendering stage, they can help with the design process and avoid multiple site visits. They can be used by the design team and will help avoid the possibility of Clash Detection. Therefore saving the client time and money.

Elevations and building facades

Laser Scanner surveys can tie in with traditional Topographical and Building surveys.

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3D Laser Scanning London

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