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It is easy to stand out. To make your mark in whatever industry you are in. Whether you’re selling cupcakes or airplanes, people want to see you’re an innovator. A leader. At Mashmob we encourage our clients to look beyond the norm, the what’s expected. We can see how great you are, and with our expertise and a little nurture we can help you realise your brand’s full potential.

You don’t just want your business to stay afloat you need it to reach new shores. Mashmob can help you find your voice.

Find out how

Mashmob are a multi-disciplined communications agency based in Belfast specialising in film, animation and illustration. We offer a fresh alternative in the digital creative agency market in Northern Ireland. As well as offering high quality creative services to clients, we collaborate with the vibrant creative digital arts scene in Belfast.

We develop brands, design products, launch campaigns and create interactive experiences to keep you head and shoulders above the competition.

Our team has decades of experience in creating first-class branding for a host of sectors. We take graphic design seriously and it is the core of our creative services as we believe it can help shape and sustain a healthy future for your organisation. High quality marketing is essential in communicating with your audience. Our team works with a number of styles – corporate, illustrative and hand drawn. Whether your looking for a website, brochure, animation or film we make it our business to make sure you stand out.

Animations are more than a whimsical way to tell a story (although they’re pretty good for that too). They can also be a method to take complex ideas and communicate them in a way that everyone understands. An animation can be a photorealistic product assembling itself, or a way of explaining your transport network.

Animations can be used to sell products, services and pretty much everything else. Wherever your destination, animation can help get you there.

Your brand is everything, it goes beyond the mighty logo. It’s in the way you walk and talk, it’s in your staff, it’s in the promises you make. At Mashmob we focus not just on clean effective design, but in helping you nurture your brand. We help ensure your message is clear, simple and that your brand stands out. We know your business is beautiful, let us make sure others see that too.

Graphic design
Our talented and creative team will make sure you enjoy the design process every step of the way. Our imagination and eye for detail deliver beautiful design that works both in print and digital. Experienced in packaging design, advertising, branding and marketing, we take pride in solving any challenge you can throw at us.

We consider ourselves super lucky to work with some of the best illustrators in the industry. We have found our exhibitions to be hugely beneficial in keeping abreast of whats new, trending or going a little stale. Our illustrators can produce pretty much anything you desire, from detailed instruction manuals to photorealistic drawings, children’s books to hand drawn typography. They really are a talented bunch.

Film requires no introduction, it’s such a hugely powerful and emotive medium. We use it to make films for the commercial sector, charities, universities, arts councils and everyone in between. Our team are skilled, innovative, energetic and what’s more, they love what they do. So whether you are looking to produce a film, capture events, customer testimonials, a time-lapse or produce a corporate multimedia, Mashmob will take you from concept to completion.

Web design
We love designing websites, especially since they got all responsive (that’s tech for ‘they’ll work on your phone’). When we design a site, we know it must embody you and your brand, and we can help you decide which direction to go: corporate, sophisticated, clean, simple, cool or all of the above. Like it or loathe it, your website is your 24 hour a day sales team, so let our experienced team help you get the most from it.

Our favourite projects

Creativity and design are synonymous with Mashmob. There is a wealth of talented people out there and we just love to work with them. By hosting exhibitions, we keep our finger on the pulse of our industry. We seek to create an environment where artists and professionals have the opportunity to network, which any artist will tell you is crucial. So far, our exhibitions have focused on Illustration. For our next exhibition, we will be turning our eye to animators. Watch this space.

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