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About Decowell

Decowell is a company specialising in all aspects of painted decoration, and the conservation and restoration of the historic interior and painted surface. The heart of our conservation philosophy is care, consideration and respect for the craftsmanship of previous generations.

Interventions to historic interiors, paintings and objects are based on appropriate levels of scientific analysis, detailed research and thorough recording, carried out by a range of appropriately qualified technicians and craftspeople, either on site, or in our secure studio in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

We work throughout Ireland and the UK, and also have extensive international experience accrued through a diverse range of specialist projects, covering all aspects of historic decoration including marbling, woodgraining, mural and fresco painting, oil and water gilding, broken colour and historic paint research. We also specialise in the conservation and restoration of easel and wall paintings and frames, carried out at our studio by highly skilled practitioners.

Clients include public bodies, educational and commercial organisations, ecclesiastical bodies and a range of private clients, all with varying budgets and requirements. In addition to heritage and conservation skills, Decowell also includes staff trained in building and historic environment conservation, and we carry out a range of consultancy and design work, in addition to training and lecturing.

Decowell offers training to those who wish to start and continue a career in decorative art, painting and the conservation and restoration of the painted and gilded surface. Students of Painting and Object Conservation Studies from Italy, The Netherlands, France, England, Poland and America have received internships with Decowell.

  • Architectural Paint Research
  • Condition Surveys & Treatment Plans
  • Conservation Plans & Impact Assessments
  • Colour Consultancy
  • Modern & Commercial Design Concepts

Gilding is a decorative arts technique in which gold leaf or powder is applied to an appropriately prepared surface, such as wood, metal, stone, leather, fabric, glass, composite materials and architectural features of buildings. The process is carried out by hand, using oil or water techniques.

Decorative Painting
Decorative painting is the technique used to describe the many various ways paint can be applied to a surface to create a paint finish, such as marbling, graining, glazing, trompe l'oeil, mural painting, stencilling and application of broken colour.

Frame Restoration
We have comprehensive experience in the conservation and restoration of picture and mirror frames, dating from the seventeenth century to modern times. Works can be carried out in the studio or in-situ.

Painting Restoration
Decowell provides a full professional conservation and restoration service for museums, public and private collections, and individuals. We have experience of working on oil paintings on canvas, panel, enamel, glass and bone from the sixteenth century to the modern day.

Wood Graining
At Decowell, wood graining is carried out to meticulous decorative standards, from straight-grained wood to exotic grains. The methodology and technique varies depending on the type of wood being replicated; for example, an oak grain can be achieved using three layers, but an Amazonian wood such as Pallisandre can take up to five layers to complete.

Marbling, faux-marbling, or marbleising, is the painting of a surface to represent the appearance of any polished or dull marble or granite. At Decowell, marbling is created to an exceptionally high nineteenth-century French standard. Any marble or granite can be authentically and faithfully replicated to the most precise standards. Depending on the project, we adopt traditional methods using pigment and oil glazes, or modern methods using pigments, acrylic and acrylic glazes.

Trompe L'oeil
Literally 'trick of the eye', trompe l'oeil is a traditional decorative technique involving the painting of realistic imagery onto a flat surface, creating the illusion of realistic scenes and objects in three dimensions. Our trained artists have extensive experience in executing complex trompe l'oeil schemes of exceptional quality.

Broken Colour
We are experienced in a wide variety of broken colour techniques, each requiring a different approach and set of specialist tools.

Decoupage is the process of decorating a surface or an object with themed cut-out prints made from paper. Decoupage and print rooms can be created using any chosen theme in any interior space.

Stencilling is the application of repetitive motif or decoration via cut card. At Decowell we undertake a variety of large and small-scale decorative stencilling schemes, which are carefully planned and scaled up prior to commencing paint application. We house an extensive library of decorative references dating from the twelfth century to modern times, which can be used to create a bespoke scheme or for research purposes. Stencils are hand-cut on acetate and oil card in the studio, and laser-cut stencils are manufactured, for economy, on larger areas.

Mural Painting
We have produced a range of interior and exterior murals, for public and private clients, in a range of settings, including churches, commercial buildings, private dwellings and swimming pools. The choice of material and medium will be dependent on the nature of the project, but may include pigment, mineral, acrylic, gouache, alkyd and oil.