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About Shutterspeed Ireland

We are a digital photograph editing service. We offer an affordable, highly skilled digital photo retouching service. We use the latest Photoshop software available to enhance your images used by virtually all leading photographers and photo enhancement specialists. It adds a professional look that has so much more to offer than the original photograph especially camera phones. Whether it’s for a family portrait or just for fun. Ballygally View Images can produce the perfect photograph to your approval. Click on the folder ‘examples’ to see some of our work

Are We Quick?
We offer a speedy 24 hour service for those items you would like in a hurry, for those items you needed “yesterday” we can offer a fast one hour turnaround. Obviously for the one hour turnaround there are criteria which will influence the time required. Jobs such as cropping, red eye removal etc are less time intensive whereas image reconstruction etc can be very labour intensive.

Ballygally View Images can also supply a large amount of Photo/File storage .We stock External drives, memory flash drives, Writeable dvd's and cd's. Please contact us for best price quotation.

Our Services
  • Photo Manipulation
  • Photo Manipulation is the technique of modifying a photograph either by adding objects, people or things in the background or foreground.

  • Photo Masking
  • Photo masking is employed when isolating a part of a photograph from the rest of the photo where the edges are not well defined. Experienced and well-trained graphic designers perform photo masking at Ballygally View Images, keeping in mind your desired requirements. The masking process is time consuming, and depends a lot on the image and area to be masked.

  • Photo Enhancement
  • With our many photo enhancement services, we can colorize a black and white photo, add, modify or remove a background or object or retouch the image. Using our photo enhancement services, you can bring out the details in a faded photograph. We work personally with clients to make sure that the final finished photographs are to their approval. Our photo enhancement experts do their best to adjust to contrast, color and sharpness levels.

  • Photo Restoration
  • The photo restoration specialists at Ballygally View Imagescombines conventional and contemporary technologies to restore cracked, lined and tattered photos. We understand the value of your loved ones, the photographs you clicked of your children, your first car, your grandma and your first house. With our photo restoration services these memories live on.

  • Photo Retouching
  • By using our photo retouch up technique, you can enhance your old photograph to a brand new photo. We "enhance" your photographs, by smoothing the backgrounds, adding vibrant colors and removing unwanted objects.

  • Adjusting Exposure
  • So how precise do you have to be with exposure? Even though digital cameras only have a certain amount of 'exposure latitude', in practice there are many different ways of interpreting a scene, and many exposure errors can be rectified or at least improved with a bit of image-editing. Just send us your images to us and let our team of Photoshop experts here take care of it for you by balance the tones more evenly.

  • Airbrushing
  • Do you often wish that the people in your photographs would look "perfect" - much like the models in fashion magazines? Let the maestros at Ballygally View Images show you how it can be done to your existing photos

  • Artistic
  • The first step of turning a photograph into a true work of art is to capture the ideal composition. This task seems simple and easy, but it requires a thorough professional with the ability and skill to manipulate the light, color and contrast to produce a scene that attracts people's eyes.

  • Digital Frames

  • Background Removal
  • Our background removal, photo restoration, object extraction and photo manipulation services ensure high quality extraction from the photos. In the examples below, the objects are removed from the background, thus giving the photograph much brighter and clean look. These images can in turn be used as a new background or foreground for another picture.

  • Border Creation
  • A fantastic picture deserves a wonderful frame. Just as you frame the artwork you hang on your wall, you can also create frames for your digital photos and art.

  • Caricature Drawings
  • It's personal and funny!A caricature is the art of depicting a person by exaggerating some features of the face or body. At Photos Touchup, we don't just do human caricatures; we can also work on pets and other animal caricatures.Whether for an anniversary or a birthday, caricatures make excellent gift ideas. We can draw caricatures as part of an invitation for an anniversary, marriage or birthday party. The caricature drawings are highly realistic with the person portrayed in a very humorous situation. Caricature drawing is a serious form of art. Give your friend a surprise by getting his caricature done with us!

  • Color Correction
  • Got photos that need to be color corrected? Bring it to us at Ballygally View Images. Our experts will balance the color as per your needs. We also colorize black and white images which can be a very tedious and challenging process. Here are some examples.

  • Accessories

Aerial Services
We are now one of the country's leading aerial drone service providers. We are available for still photography and using the latest video technology we can create the perfect shots for your promo videos. Call us for a free quote!

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