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Organic & Biodynamic Wine
We Go BEYOND the Sale; What we know about Organic & Biodynamic wine and healthy living is what you taste. Full range available at An t-Ionad Fíona, our Organic Wine Center in Northern Ireland. Online, we are starting with a smaller range, but country options will increase each month. Enjoy!

Both biodynamic and organically grown grapes are grown with the absence of modern fertilizers and pesticides; however, biodynamic agriculture follows strict lunar calendar rules based on the movement of planets as to when to sow and harvest. The biodynamic and organic farmer must rely on the professionalism and an in-tune knowledge of nature to get the grape juice from vineyard to bottle at the right time and as healthy as nature allows. The option of a one fix chemical spray to artificially promote growth and kill all pests is not allowed.


Wine and Food Matching
Wine and food matching is the process of pairing food dishes with wine to enhance the dining experience. In many cultures, wine has had a long history of being a staple at the dinner table and in some ways both the wine making and culinary traditions of a region will have evolved together over the years. If you cook with organic food, you should match with organic or biodynamic wine. Less chemicals > more flavour.

What Is Organic and Biodynamic Wine?
Organic wine is wine made from grapes grown in accordance with principles of organic farming, which typically excludes the use of artificial chemical fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides and herbicides. Biodynamic wine takes the process a step further, and all planting and harvesting is done in line with a special lunar calendar that ensures grapes are grown and picked at a time that the cosmos is in line with the natural cycles of the earth. Through the term biodynamic wine is new, the actual method of biodynamic farming is an ancient one.

An t-Ionad Fiona Wine Center
Our full range of organic and biodynamic wine is available in store at An t-Ionad Fiona in Co. Derry. We also organise a July and December Wine Fair for food and wine tastings.

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Nov 5, 2021
Vegan Organic Wine

Veganism will change the world. We share this planet, not own it. We at Absolute Organic Wine when sourcing our Vegan Wines we go to great lengths to insure our Vegan Wines do not contain any animal products and ask for the technical details- otherwise we will not stock them. We are also aware of the need to balance Vegan assurance and carbon footprint when specialising in Organic, Biodynamic, Natural and Vegan Wine. Veganism is a journey on this planet and we endeavour to ensure all Wines for our site can be certified to the same standard as foods provided. We try to balance our carbon footprint with the sourcing of all our products. We have a Great range of Vegan Wines in our Wine Shop in Northern Ireland and Online in Ireland & UK.
Nov 5, 2021
Organic Vegan Sparkling Wine

Sparkling Wine is grape juice, alcohol and bubbles. The bubbles are made by trapping carbon dioxide in the wine. This is done by adding yeast and sugar to the dry wine which is then bottled. The second fermentation then takes place in the bottle leaving a sediment which is removed and the bottle is topped with the same mixture of yeast and sugar and left to mature in the cellar. The most prestigious name in Sparkling Wine is Champagne which has a legal protection and only wines made in the Champagne region and made by the Champagne method can bear the name Champagne. The best example of a fine Champagne is fine and persistent bubbles rising steadily from the bottom of the glass. We at Absolute Organic Wine believe that Champagne made Organically truly expresses the true essence of the vineyard where they are produced and shows this in the vibrancy and vitality of the wine. All our Sparkling Wines are Organic or Vegan and great examples of the different regions they are grown in. Just Order Online and we can Deliver to Northern Ireland the UK and the Republic of Ireland.
Nov 5, 2021
Demystifying the Complexities of Buying Vegan, Organic, or Biodynamic Wines

Well, simply stated it is grape juice in a bottle which has been fermented. When I started out in my wine career I had the same problem as most people just not understanding what was on the label of a bottle of Organic Wine and what it would taste like when poured into the glass. What Organic Wine, Biodynamic or Vegan Wine I would like or what should I buy? In a nutshell, if the wine is over the ten pound bracket in all probability it is of good quality. The same rate of duty is applied to both the five pound bottle and the ten pound bottle so you can see the higher the price the more wine of quality in your glass. Another pointer is to check Abv alcohol by volume if it is above 12.5% it’s going to be fuller bodied and dry, aim for below 12.5% for lighter styles of Organic or Vegan Wine And if you aim around the ten to twenty pound price point, you can’t go wrong for sure. Then the only difference is your own preference to whether you like your wine light and fruity or rich and full bodied. In order to understand and appreciate wine one needs to learn a little bit about where it is made, the traditional system from where the wine evolved over time. The history of the Wine region and what foods they eat will all help you understand how a Wine style evolved. It’s a bit like learning about the local history of a given region. The only difference is that you get to taste that history in a glass. Of course back in history all wines were Organic Wine. After WWI chemicals began to be used in agriculture in general. We now know that those chemicals are not needed for you to begin to appreciate Wine. In Organic viticulture other more natural methods are used eg using nature's own creations eg geese and ducks are very good for picking insects around the vines, and more advanced weather guidance help the growers know how to protect the vine through vigilance. The Wines are again being nurtured as more Natural Wines, worth buying and safe to consume. This knowledge will make you want to discover more about Wine in all its forms. We are also trying to cut our carbon footprint by stocking only European wines and many not so well known grape varieties, but amazing quality and value wines from our European neighbours. Sourcing from Europe makes more sense and also it’s the home of all the grapes that were planted in the New World anyway. The Main requirement for Organic Wine is having a healthy vineyard, and soil microorganisms which are key components of natural living Organic viticulture that carries through to healthy vines and that in turn is expressed in delicious, flavour packed Organic, Biodynamic, Natural or Vegan wines. Now that’s what I call Wine appreciation. All our Organic, Biodynamic, Natural & Vegan Wines are great examples of the different regions they are grown in. Just Order Online and we can Deliver to the UK and the Republic of Ireland. Enjoy!

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