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County Antrim
BT27 5NZ

About Quartix Ireland

Vehicle tracking that works for you

Real-Time Tracking
Track your vehicles and drivers in real time using any internet-connected device. No need for additional software – everything is accessed over the web.

Daily Driver Timesheets
If you have a large fleet or you simply need to see a lot of trips in a single report, Quartix offers an easy way to see a fleet’s total mileage, driving hours and idling time over a specified time period.

Driving Style Analysis
Compare driver behavior scores across your entire fleet. Each driver is given a score based on their driving profile. Those who are taking too much risk will stand out on the Driver League Table in red. The best drivers will appear in green, and those in between will be amber.

Geofencing Alerts
If your vehicles need to be either in or out of certain areas at defined times, geofencing can alert you in real-time if ever those rules are broken. Get started by simply marking out the desired zone on our map with an easy drawing tool. We allow you to have unlimited geofencing zones.

Managing Information
Quartix does the hard work of analysing your data and generating simple reports. Everything can be accessed on the web. The Quartix tracking system includes a wide range of vehicle tracking reports and dashboards to improve vehicle operations and utilisation.

Safe Speed Database
Drivers often face work-related time constraints and can find themselves speeding or demonstrating risky behaviour, leading to minor violations. These are often seen as being ‘acceptable’ or necessary in their role.

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