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About Surefire Protection & Fire Extinguishers Northern Ireland

Our approach to "Fire Protection"

Surefire Protection provides a consultancy service to give clients all the relevant information needed on fire protection, equipment and installation. The company's Service Technicians are trained to maintain all types of fire equipment, including Extinguishers, Detection Systems, Suppression Systems, Emergency Lighting, Hose Reel Units and Dry Risers.

Our company also provide Fire Awareness Training and Fire Risk Assessment. At Surefire Protection we take pride in our Quality of Service and Customer Satisfaction, and as a company we are continually looking at ways to improve and expand our service to clients.


Welcome to the products page below is the range of portable Fire Fighting Equipment, Fire Alarm Components and Accessories, Emergency Lighting and Accessories

This fire extinguisher is for A Class fires such as wood paper and textiles it has a 21a rating and contains 9L of water.

Water Additive
These fire extinguishers are for A Class fires such as wood paper and textiles they have a 21a (6L) & 13a (3L)ratings and contain 6&3L of water with additive.

Foam Fire Extinguishers cover both A & B Class fires, these units are becoming more common in the workplace as they cover two classes of fire, Both the 6&3L models are lighter than the 9L water and easier to Lift and use.

ABC Powder
Powder Fire Extinguishers are termed a general purpose fire extinguisher as they cover a wide range of the classes of fire which are: A, B, C class fire and fires involving electricity.

Wet Chemical
Wet Chemical Fire Extinguishers are fire designed to combat fires that involve cooking oils and fat and any other Class E Fires.

Carbon Dioxide (C02)
Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguishers are mainly to provide cover for fires involving electricity but they also cover a B Class fire however when used on a B Class fire there remains the potential for auto reigniting as Co2 is a gas and will dissipate into the atmosphere.

Anti Magnetic Carbon Dioxide (AMCo2)
These Carbon Dioxide extinguishers are used in areas where high magnetic fields are involved typical application of these units is in a X-Ray room.

Specialist Powders
Specialist Powders include Monnex as used in the aviation industry, L2&M28 D Class powder units which are for metal fires these includes zinc magnesium etc. they use a low velocity applicator lance to apply the powder.


The Services we offer are as follows:
  • Portable Fire Extinguisher - Sales, Install and Maintenance.
  • Fire Alarm System - Design, Install, Commissioning, Handover Upgrades and Service.
  • Emergency Lighting - Install Commission and Maintenance.
  • Vehicle Restaurant and Gas Suppression Systems - Design, Install, Commission, Handover and Maintenance.
  • Fire Risk Assessments - We carry out a detailed risk assessment of the various hazards that could start a fire.
  • Staff Training - Tutorial and Practical Fire Awareness Training as well as Fire Marshals and Fire Wardens Training.
  • Health & Safety Signage - All the signs we supply are photoluminescent and comply with all current regulations.

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Fire Awareness Training
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