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About McCloy Consulting Ltd

Why choose us?
McCloy Consulting is an engineering and scientific consultancy specialising in water and environmental engineering.

We are proud of an established track record of applying our in-house technical expertise to provide innovative tailored solutions for renewable, civil and environmental projects in the UK and Ireland.

We approach projects with our unique blend of practical engineering skills and environmental sensitivity. We focus only on disciplines specific to our core skills - in short we are good at what we do.

Below are some of the services we can offer.

McCloy Consulting was formed as a specialist drainage design consultancy with the primary focus of meeting the growing need for water management in light of heightened environmental awareness.

The holistic approach required to successfully understand and implement surface water management requires the combination of technical engineering expertise and environmental awareness that we provide.

Flood Risk Services
McCloy Consulting offer specialist services throughout the UK and Ireland providing flood risk assessments and related services, including flood modelling, hydrology and flow assessments and design of river structures.

Our in-house expertise allows us to work on projects of any size and type. We can offer flood risk input to satisfy a variety of needs, including:
  • Development planning and Planning Applications
  • BREEAM Assessment / Code for Sustainable Homes
  • Due diligence and conveyancing
  • Existing properties
  • Insurance

Renewable Energy
McCloy Consulting is at the forefront of providing a wide range of technical and professional services to the renewable energy sector.

Our specialist services cater for the hydrological and environmental aspects of renewable energy projects.
We provide a unique blend of scientific assessment and practical engineering skills working for a wide range of developers, consultants and contractors.

Hydrology & Hydrogeology
McCloy Consulting was founded as a specialist water engineering consultancy, with hydrology and flow estimation in the UK and Ireland as a core expertise.

Hydrology and groundwater is essential in all aspects of our practice, informing surface water management, flood risk modelling and assessment, renewable energy projects and design of green infrastructure.

Environmental Compliance
With heightened focus on safeguarding the environment, the requirement to minimise and monitor our effect on natural surroundings is ever increasing.

McCloy Consulting has an in-depth knowledge of environmental liability, pollution control, treatment processes and environmental monitoring methodologies that allows us to give clear and practical advice to our clients.

As specialists in the field of water engineering, we provide a unique insight to the industry.

We work with our clients to ensure that workshops and training sessions are designed to gain maximum interaction, and content is customised to suit attending delegates.

McCloy Consulting Ltd Products & Services

Environmental Consultants
Civil Engineering Consultants
Sustainable Drainage Design
Flood Risk Assessment
Sustainable Drainage for Wind Farms NI
Sustainable Homes
Hydrology Assessment
Water Quality Sampling & Analysis
Sewerage & Wastewater Treatment
Renewable Energy Consultants
Wind & Water Consultant
Hydropower Consultancy
Environmental Compliance
Discharge Consents
Abstraction Licensing
WFD assessment
Water Engineering Training
SuDS Training
Drainage Assessment
Drainage Design
Drainage Plan
Hydraulic Modelling
Contaminated Land
Flood Investigation
Hydrogeological Report
Flood Study
Natural Flood Management
Environmental Impact Assessment
Remediation Strategy Report

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