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About Yoga Teacher Training Northern Ireland

Since first opening our doors in 2004 we have provided quality yoga classes and training for all ages and abilities.
The ethos of the Studio is "Yoga for All" - this inclusive ethos is reflected in the broad range of classes, workshops and training that we provide.
It is our aim to make yoga as accessible to as many people as possible and we are confident that you will find a class suitable for your level.
Yoga is one of the oldest systems of self development in the world.

  • Through the regular practice of the many asanas ( postures ) students can stretch and tone the body helping develop an improved sense of posture, promote circulation and digestion and help fine tune both the nervous and endocrine systems.

  • There are also many pranayama ( breathing ) exercises which can help in the management of both anxiety and stress. They can also increase lung capacity and help re-establish the natural relaxed rhythms of both the body and mind leading to an inner sense of calm.

Teacher Training
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What You Can Expect From Our Yoga Training
A limited number of students on each course to ensure quality and a positive student experience!

We offer in-depth and comprehensive training that provides you with a structured framework to support and develop all aspects of your practice and understanding of Yoga to be a safe, confident and effective Yoga teacher.

Paddy Hamill ( the founder ) is a highly experienced teacher training provider with over 25 years of yoga experience and 20 years experience in training students to become teachers.

He has developed a reputation for professionalism and a commitment to excellence and this ethos is embedded throughout Santosha Yoga.

He recognizes and understands the importance of a positive student experience and has crafted an integrated, structured and multi - layered system of learning which will support your short, medium and long term yoga goals.

Our teaching team will help enlighten, encourage, assist and support you through your training. This is a personal commitment given by Paddy to ensure that your experience is as beneficial and rewarding for you as possible.

"Gratitude and humility are the qualities which guide our interaction with our students as it is our students` who continue to inspire and challenge our teaching as we collectively seek to be the best that we can be." - Paddy Hamill


Here in Santosha we provide classes based on an integrated practice of the various limbs of yoga. We adopt a non-dogmatic approach, respecting the various traditions which collectively provide a very rich source for personal growth and development.

Workshops & Specialist Classes

Due to our current circumstances we will be offering a graduated variety of Continual Professional Development ( CPD ) programme of workshops and specialist classes by highly qualified international and local yoga teachers.

Types Of Yoga

Hatha Yoga is the most popular form of yoga practiced in the West today. There are many schools of Hatha Yoga and many more approaches to its teaching.

Today we are fortunate that many world renowned and respected yoga teachers of all traditions are accessible and willing to teach throughout the world and here in Santosha Yoga Studio we offer a broad range of classes which draw on some of the schools listed.

While schools of yoga emphasize a particular way of practicing it is the choice of the student and which particular style appeals to them that is important. One thing is certain – there is a style of yoga for you!

You might have to try a few different teachers, travel here and go there but remember – the joy is in the journey!


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