SF Child Abuse 'Scandal' Escalates

Sinn Féin has insisted it "acted correctly" in the handling of child abuse allegations against a political representative.

The republican party has threatened legal action over claims suggesting otherwise having also rejected separate allegations linking its President Gerry Adams to a supposed 'cover-up' of alleged abuse by a republican representative 30 years ago.

The fresh child abuse development had a further twist last night, after the alleged victim issued a statement through a solicitor distancing herself from the contentious Sunday Tribune report.

However, the party confirmed one of its elected representatives was currently suspended after police opened an investigation into an historic case of abuse, but Sinn Féin insisted Mr Adams was not linked in any way to that controversy.

It had been claimed in a Sunday newspaper that Mr Adams was told of the alleged abuse but failed to act, but Sinn Féin rejected this.
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Sinn Féin MLA Caral NíChuilin (pictured above) said: "There is no cover-up or evasion by Sinn Féin of sexual abuse allegations involving party members.

"However the Sunday Tribune has sought to use these horrific abuse cases to form part of a smear campaign against Gerry Adams and Sinn Féin.

"Gerry Adams refuted the allegations made in the Sunday Tribune that he had been aware of the abuse being suffered by the alleged victims and failed to act.

"One of those alleged victims interviewed by the Sunday Tribune confirmed that Gerry Adams was not told of the abuse as had been claimed by the Sunday Tribune and that the paper was aware of this prior to publication.

"Furthermore that victim has initiated legal proceedings against the Sunday Tribune alleging that she was 'manipulated' by the paper and both Sinn Féin and Gerry Adams have placed these very serious matters in the hands of our legal representatives."

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