Orange Order Discusses Changes To Parading Legislation

The Orange Order has met with the Secretary of State to discuss the current parading legislation.

Theresa Villiers MP was presented with a formal request urging her to personally intervene and commence a process to replace the current parading legislation, with an emphasis on "fair and equitable" regulations for all communities.

Grand Master of the Orange Lodge, Edward Stevenson, said: "We are fed up with false promises, double speak and constructive ambiguity. The time for the Government to act to lance the boil of discrimination that the parading legislation has created is long overdue. There can be no true stability and enhanced relationships, while the traditions of one community are so shabbily dealt with at the behest of the other."

The senior Orange delegation also shared their frustration that nothing had been done by the Secretary of State from last year to assist resolving the situation at Ligoniel.


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