DPPs tour PSNI Training College

The Police Service College opened its doors to members of District Policing Partnerships (DPPs) today to showcase the vital police work carried out by a number of police departments.

The open day, which also took place to mark the official launch of the landmark 'Leadership for Life' education programme focusing on operational policing, was designed to give DPPs and other groups a better insight into police work in Northern Ireland.

Commenting on today's event, Deputy Chief Constable Paul Leighton said: "This event is an opportunity to openly demonstrate to members of District Policing Partnerships and other community groups, various aspects of what we do.

"Combining this with the launch of our innovative learning programme we hope to show that the Police Service of Northern Ireland is striving to deliver a truly holistic service."

Policing Board Chairman, Professor Desmond Rea, said: "By bringing together members of the District Policing Partnerships and representatives from the wider community to see first hand the range of services delivered by the PSNI, the opportunity for meaningful discussion on policing issues has been provided."

Thursday's event also featured presentations on police training, policing with the community (problem solving partnerships), local policing plans and performance and a series of interactive learning exhibitions on operational policing.


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20 November 2002
Policing Board scores well but public lack information
A survey published on the public's perception of the Policing Board has shown that the Board have scored well, but that some of the recent high-profile changes made under the Patton recommendations have fared less well. The area of District Policing Partnerships in particular proved puzzling to those polled.
12 October 2004
DPP support reinforces police work: Murphy
The new policing arrangements in Northern Ireland have been reinforced by the creation of District Policing Partnerships and enhanced by the calibre of the men and women who serve on them, Secretary of State Paul Murphy has said.
29 March 2004
Assistant Chief Constable praises DPP members
The PSNI Assistant Chief Constable Roy Toner has praised the 'courage and commitment' of members of Northern Ireland's District Policing Partnerships (DPPs) whose work has, in many cases, been carried out in the face of intimidation and threats.
19 November 2003
SDLP issues 12 point plan for safer communities
The SDLP have issued a 12 point plan which it says will lead to safer communities if implemented. Policing spokesman Alex Attwood said his party would be pushing for full implementation of the plan over the next fours within the District Policing Partnerships and the Policing Board.
11 April 2006
Mounted police patrols return to Belfast streets
Mounted police patrols have today trotted back onto the streets of Belfast in a move to tackle crime in the city. The officers on horseback will patrol areas in Belfast, Castlereagh and Lisburn and will concentrate on tackling many different types of crime throughout these areas.
04 September 2007
NI Policing Board Seeks Custody Visitors
The Northern Ireland Policing Board has launched a campaign to recruit Custody Visitors to join the Board’s Custody Visiting Scheme. The volunteer scheme, which operates throughout Northern Ireland, is a means of monitoring how people who are held in police custody are treated.
12 August 2003
Durkan describes policing threat as 'despicable'
SDLP leader, Mark Durkan has condemned those who sent bullets to the deputy chairman of the NI Policing Board and a member of the DPP in Londonderry, describing it as "despicable".
19 February 2010
Policing Partnerships' Survey On Way
People are being urged to play their part in helping to make their community safer by filling in and returning a survey on policing.
07 February 2003
New police training college gets go ahead
The Northern Ireland Policing Board has set in motion plans to introduce a new police training college for the PSNI by 2007. The college has been advocated for months by PSNI Chief Constable Hugh Orde who said that the move was essential if Northern Ireland were to develop a world-renowned police force.
03 July 2008
Policing Confidence High, But DPPs Need Higher Profile
The level of public confidence in policing within NI remains relatively high - a steady trend appreciated by the NI Policing Board - but who also want to see increased engagement between the various District Policing Partnerships (DPPs) and local communities.
14 November 2007
'Dissidents' Threaten Both Police And SF
Following two murder attempts on off duty PSNI officers inside the last week alone, so-called 'dissident' republicans have now underlined their threat with a promise of new attacks on police officers in Northern Ireland - and reinforced an existing threat on Sinn Fein over policing matters.
23 October 2007
Sinn Fein Threatened Over DPPs
There has been widespread condemnation of threats issued this week against five Sinn Fein councillors because of the party's support for the District Policing Partnerships, (DPP).
16 September 2005
Unionists withdraw from Belfast DPPs
The Belfast District Policing Partnership was left reeling on Friday after unionists withdrew their support in protest at police handling of recent violence in loyalist areas.
28 March 2003
Trimble slams government over policing proposals
UUP leader David Trimble has criticised the government over its plans to introduce changes to policing legislation, which is set to complete its passage through the House of Commons.
27 April 2004
Policing Board Chairman welcomes Oversight Commissioner’s report
The Chairman of the Northern Ireland Policing Board, Professor Desmond Rea, has welcomed today's Oversight Commissioner’s report and has supported the report's call for full public and political support for policing.