DPP support reinforces police work: Murphy

The new policing arrangements in Northern Ireland have been reinforced by the creation of District Policing Partnerships and enhanced by the calibre of the men and women who serve on them, Secretary of State Paul Murphy has said.

Mr Murphy was speaking at a reception for a cross-section of members of District Policing Partnerships at Hillsborough Castle last night. Amongst the guests were the Chief Constable and his five Assistant Chief Constables and members of the Northern Ireland Policing Board.

The Secretary of State said: “The creation of District Policing Partnerships has been hugely significant for policing in Northern Ireland. They form an integral part of the new policing arrangements and their establishment has been a significant step towards developing real community policing right across Northern Ireland.

“At the heart of each DPP are local people, working together in partnership with the PSNI, to reduce crime and provide a better quality of life for everyone.

“With crime levels down on last year, it is clear that DPPs have made a difference and their work is making our communities safer.”

Mr Murphy condemned those behind recent attacks and threats on DPP members.

“Those who have carried out attacks and tried to intimidate DPP members must be condemned and cannot be allowed to succeed,” he said.

“These are direct attacks on the democratic process. DPPs should be supported by everyone. I want every member to know that I, and the government, fully support them in their strong sense of civic duty to serve their communities in this vital role.”

District Policing Partnerships have been set up in accordance with the aspirations of the Belfast Agreement and the terms of the legislation flowing from the report of the Independent Commission on Policing (Patten Report).


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