Final results in for 2003 NI Assembly election

UPDATE: With all counts declared on Friday evening the clear winners are the Rev Ian Paisley's Democratic Unionist Party who have claimed 10 more seats on the Assembly and Sinn Féin who have won 6 seats.

The early progress by the DUP, some of which has been clawed back as the counts progressed, have prompted hard liners within the Ulster Unionist Party, in particular Jeffery Donaldson, to renew outspoken criticism of the Ulster Unionist Party's pro-agreement leadership stance of former First Minister David Trimble.

The SDLP led by former Deputy First Minister Mark Durkan have fared much worse than many expected from the retirement of the party's old guard and a heavy encroachment into their vote share by Sinn Fein. Several SDLP candidates won seats as the complex vote transfer process was completed but the SDLP have six fewer seats than in 1998.

Final results by Constituency:
  • Antrim East:

    Roy Beggs (UUP); Sammy Wilson (DUP); Thomas Geroge Dawson (DUP) David Hilditch (DUP) Sean Neeson (AP) Ken Robinson (UUP).

  • Antrim North:

    Rev. Ian Paisley (DUP); Ian Paisley Jnr. (DUP); Rev. Robert Coulter (UUP); Mervyn Storey (DUP); Philip Deeny (SF); Sean Farren (SDLP).

  • Antrim South:

    David Burnside (UUP); Wilson Clyde (DUP); Paul Girvan (DUP); Jim Wilson (UUP); Thomas Burns (SDLP); David Ford (AP).

  • Belfast East:

    Peter Robinson (DUP); Sir Reg Empey (UUP). Robin Newton (DUP); David Ervine (PUP) Naomi Long (AP); Michael Copeland (UUP).

  • Belfast North:

    Nigel Dodds (DUP); Gerry Kelly (SF); Nelson McCausland (DUP); Fred Cobain (UUP); Alban Maginness (SDLP); Katy Stanton (SF).

  • Belfast South:

    Michael McGimpsey (UUP); Esmond Birnie (UUP); Mark Robinson (DUP); Alex Maskey (SF); Carmel Hanna (SDLP); Alasdair McDonnell (SDLP).

  • Belfast West:

    Gerry Adams (SF); Alex Attwood (SDLP); Fra McCann (SF); Bairbre de Brun (SF); Michael Ferguson (SF); Diane Dodds (DUP).

  • East Londonderry:

    Gregory Campbell (DUP); David McClarty (UUP); Francis Brolly (SF); George Robinson (DUP); Norman Hillis (UUP) John Dallat (SDLP).

  • Fermanagh & South Tyrone:

    Tom Elliot (UUP); Michelle Gildernew (SF); Arlene Foster (UUP); Tommy Gallagher (SDLP); Maurice Morrow (DUP); Tom O'Reilly (SF).

  • Foyle:

    Mark Durkan (SDLP); William Hay (DUP); Mitchel McLaughlin (SF); Mark Bradley (SDLP); Mary Nelis (SF); Pat Ramsey (SDLP).

  • Lagan Valley:

    Jeffery Donaldson (UUP); Edwin Poots (DUP); Billy Bell (UUP); Seamus Close (AP); Patricia Lewsley (SDLP); Norah Beare (UUP).

  • Mid Ulster:

    William McCrea (DUP); Martin McGuinness (SF); Francis Malloy (SF); Geraldine Dougan (SF); Billy Armstrong (UUP); Patsy McGlone (SDLP).

  • Newry & Armagh:

    Paul Berry (DUP); Conor Murphy (SF); Danny Kennedy (UUP); Davy Hyland (SF); Pat O'Rawe (SF); Dominic Bradley (SDLP).

  • North Down:

    Leslie Cree (UUP); Eileen Bell (AP); Peter Weir (DUP); Alex Easton (DUP); Alan McFarland (UUP) Robert McCartney (UKUP).

  • South Down:

    Jim Wells (DUP); PJ Bradley (SDLP); Dermot Nesbitt (UUP); Caitriona Ruane (SF); Margaret Ritchie (SDLP); Willie Clarke (SF).

  • Strangford:

    Iris Robinson (DUP); Lord Kilclooney (UUP); Jim Shannon (DUP); George Ennis (DUP) David McNarry (UUP). Kieran McCarthy (AP).

  • Upper Bann:

    David Trimble (UUP); David Simpson (DUP); Stephen Moutray (DUP); Samuel Gardiner (UUP) John O'Dowd (SF); Dolores Kelly (SDLP).

  • West Tyrone:

    Kieran Deeny (Ind); Pat Doherty (SF); Thomas Buchanan (DUP); Derek Hussey (UUP); Eugene McMenamin (SDLP).

In the 2003 Assembly Election the 20 parties have fielded 256 candidates in the 18 constituencies for the 108 seats in the Northern Ireland Legislative Assembly.


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