Barnier: 'No Spirit Of Revenge' In Brexit Negotiations

The European Union's Chief Brexit negotiator has said there is "no spirit of revenge" in the talks.

Michel Barnier was speaking during a trip to Ireland.

He said that he was determined to work with the UK to find a solution to the Irish border issue.

Mr Barnier said: "I personally regret Brexit for many reasons and I am never aggressive. My door is open."

He also said he wants to see rapid agreement on the Irish border by June.
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Alliance Leader Naomi Long MLA said: "Alliance remains frustrated with the lack of clarity in the UK Government position in negotiations so far. They have created a trilemma of contrary objectives - avoiding a hard border within the island of Ireland, for the UK as whole to leave both the customs union and the single market, and to rule out any special arrangements for Northern Ireland in relation to a customs union and single market," she said.

"Short of a reconsideration of the entire Brexit project itself, the sensible and obvious approach is for the UK as a whole entering into a fresh customs union with the EU, and if not the entire UK remaining in the single market, then at least Northern Ireland doing so.

"The Brexit challenge in Northern Ireland is unique, therefore we need a unique solution, and the Good Friday Agreement and devolution provide a basis for delivering that. Any special deal for Northern Ireland is entirely in keeping with that, including the principle of consent.

"This cannot and should not become entangled in a debate about sovereignty."


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