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The convertible car; an absolute must-have for sunshine driving.

With sunny days a strange and rare occurrence in this country, it's fair to say when the weather is this good, owning a convertible car should go straight to the top of anyone's 'must buy' list.

Besides, nothing beats the feeling of cool air hitting your face as you cruise along at 40mph with the top off and sun beating down, feeling sorry for other motorists driving in their 30°C+ metal mobile prison. However, not everyone can just shell out £20k on a convertible roadster then call it a day.

So we decided to take a look on Autotrader.co.uk for some of the convertible cars you can purchase in the Belfast area if you're on a budget (in this case, for under £3,000).

Renault Megane 1.6 VVT Dynamique 2dr

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Kicking things off, this cheap Renault Megane 1.6 convertible offers a lot of car for a relatively small amount of money.

With all electric windows and the electric roof in working order, the bodywork does have age-related marks but is MOT'd until 25/04/2019, providing plenty of time for cheap summer thrills.

Miles: 117,000

Price: £895

Peugeot 207 CC 1.6 16v Sport 2dr

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Despite needing a new exhaust, this tidy hardtop Peugeot 207 provides everything you need for those cool, summer evening cruises.

According to the seller, the car does have a 'bit of wear and tear' but with over £2,500 spent on the engine last year, engine reliability shouldn't be an issue.

Miles: 89,569

Price: £1,100

Volkswagen Golf 2.0 Cabriolet Avantgarde 2dr

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If you're on a small budget and looking for a fun, good-looking car to drive, then this Volkswagen Golf 2.0 Cabriolet Avantgarde is the perfect choice.

Featuring an all-round full cream heated leather, cruise control, air con, electric windows along with a front and rear electric hood, this Golf is sure to turn heads as you head down to the beach or go shopping around town.

Miles: 98,000

Price: £1,595

MINI Convertible 1.6 One 2dr

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Do you want style? Do you want a driving experience that leaves a grin on your face and a car perfect for the summertime? Then look no further than this MINI Convertible.

According to the seller, this car has been both smoke and pet free, leaving it in great condition. And with its 1.6 engine putting out 90bhp, you'll average 40.4mpg, so it's not bad on the fuel budget either.

Miles: 111,800

Price: £1,950

Vauxhall Tigra 1.4 i 16v

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This nippy 1.4 Vauxhall Tigra is both economical on petrol and big when it comes to boot space, making it the perfect car for those summer trips to the shops.

Besides, unlike similar car models, the Tigra's body design somehow doesn't seem to go out of style, leaving you with a fun to drive car that is sure to turn heads. And with a brilliantly engineered fold-down top, you'll never get bored of taking the top off when the sun comes out.

Miles: 74,000 miles

Price: £2,195

Audi A4 Cabriolet 1.8 T Sport Cabriolet 2dr

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There's something elegant about the Audi A4 Cabriolet that we just can't quite put our finger on. But if you're looking for a convertible that's both comfortable and a pleasure to drive, you'll be hard pressed to find anything else.

Featuring classy styling and relatively low-running costs, the A4 Cabriolet is both safe and predictable. And with its 1.8L engine churning out 163 bhp, you'll get plenty of bang for your buck too.

Miles: 66,500

Price £2,950

Mazda MX-5 1.6 2dr

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Coming in as our last top pick for convertible cars on a budget, the Mazda MX-5; probably one of the best small sports cars money can buy.

If you're after a rear wheel drive car that looks great, hugs the road and is fun to drive, this is the car you want. This particular model was made in 2005, but at only 58,000 miles, there is still plenty of fun thrills left to be had once you take the hood down.

Miles: 58,000 miles

Price: £2,995

(Images and information provided by www.autotrader.co.uk)

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