Burning Names Of Murder Victims Condemned As 'Hate Crime'

The names of murdered policemen and prison officers, poppy wreaths and union flags have been burnt on a bonfire in the Bogside area of L'Derry.

The names of Ronan Kerr, David Black, Stephen Carroll and Adrian Ismay – who were all killed by dissident republicans – were painted on boards that were placed in the bonfire.

The incident has been widely condemned, with the PSNI confirming that they are treating it as a hate crime and are working to identify those responsible.

Condemned the 'display of hate' Sinn Féin Councillor Patricia Logue, said: "There were several hate fires that took place in this city over July and August but nothing justifies what occurred in Meenan Square and those responsible for putting poppy wreaths, flags and other hate messages on the bonfire are intent only on causing extreme offence and damaging community relations.
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"This is nothing but a display of hate and has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with republicanism.

"The people of the Bogside do not want this bonfire and they certainly do not want displays of hate designed to cause distress and antagonism to their neighbours in this city."

DUP MLA for the Foyle Constituency, Gary Middleton, said: "Burning poppy wreaths. A disgusting act of evil. The PSNI and community leaders must step up and take action."

SDLP Leader, Collum Eastwood, also said: "Totally appalled to see flags, poppy wreaths and the names of murdered policemen on a bonfire in Derry. Reps from all parties and youth workers tried to stop it. This nonsense doesn't represent the views of the people of Derry. It's sectarian and anti social. Nothing more."

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NIO Minister John Spellar today revealed that £100,000 in extra funding is being made available to tackle race hate crime in Northern Ireland. Making the announcement on Thursday, Mr Spellar said the availability of additional funding demonstrated the Government's determination to respond to recent racist attacks across the province.
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