Calor Backs Campaign To Promote Mental Health Awareness

Calor Ireland has taken an important step to destigmatise mental well-being following the installation of a uniquely painted elephant as part of its Charity Partner's 'Elephant in the Room' campaign.

This project focuses on mental health awareness and invites both companies and individuals to publicly commit to supporting overall well-being through the installation of an elephant which is uniquely painted by a range of local artists.

The local LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) supplier invited staff to participate in a competition to design the artwork for the elephant installation. The winning design produced by Claire Lynch from Calor's Legal Department was titled 'Strength in Numbers' and was inspired by how a herd of elephants interact with each other.
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The design is symbolic of an elephant's individual strength, but despite this, they always unite to aid a member in need, relying on each other for survival. The message reinforces that you don't need to face challenges alone; there is strength in numbers.

Commenting on the installation, Duncan Osborne Chief Executive Officer of Calor Ireland said: "Calor is a firm advocate of an open and supportive culture, and we are committed to normalising and destigmatising the conversation surrounding mental health.

"As a corporate charity partner of Samaritans Ireland, we wanted to "adopt" our own elephant to act as a tangible reminder to prioritise mental health both within the workplace and the broader community.

"We hope that this elephant acts a symbolic reminder of the power of collaboration and assistance, reinforcing how ongoing support is essential for a healthier and more compassionate society."

Earlier this month, Calor Ireland also presented Samaritans Ireland with more than £23,000 having participated in various initiatives last year which included bake sales, the 24/7 challenge, raffles and much more.


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