Continuity IRA blamed for TA bomb attack

Dissident republicans have been blamed for the bomb attack of a Territorial Army base in south Belfast at the weekend.

The explosion in the proximity of a TA centre at Haywood Avenue, Belfast, left a large hole in the base's perimeter fence at around 7.30pm on Sunday.

During a clearance operation by army technical officers two controlled explosions were carried out on one of two devices which had been left in a holdall attached to the fence.

It is believed that the Continuity IRA was behind the attack.

Ulster Unionist MLA Michael McGimpsey said the group was "detached from reality" if it thought such attacks could force unionists way into a United Ireland.

"What this incident did was threaten lives, injury or worse – not least to the substantial loyalist community living close to the Army barracks.

"It is time the Continuity IRA ended their nuisance ways. They must realise that their day is over."


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10 November 2009
Protection For NI Judges Increased
Armed police are protecting some of Ulster's top judges around the clock amid a heightened threat from dissident republicans, it has been revealed. Security measures were stepped-up last month after terrorists managed to track down the location of a serving judge and his wife, who were dining in Limavady.
17 July 2008
Three Held Over Landmine Attack
Three men have been arrested in relation to the attempted murder of two police officers in a landmine attack. The Continuity IRA admitted they attempted to detonate the landmine on June 14, as a police patrol passed on the Rellan Road, near Roslea, County Down. The two officers escaped with minor injuries after the device only partially exploded.
28 July 2008
Republican Threat Level 'Higher Than Any Other'
The threat to the UK from 'dissident' Irish republicans is greater than from any other terrorist group. According to the latest intelligence service surveillance from MI5, organisations such as the Real IRA and the Continuity IRA currently pose a greater danger than even Islamic extremists.
28 September 2011
ITV 'IRA Footage' Was Video Game
ITV have admitted that footage of a 1988 IRA attack, film which they claimed was real, was actually taken from a video game. The coverage was included in an ITV documentary which discussed Gaddafi and the IRA and how deposed Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi sent weapons to the IRA in the mid-1980s.
04 November 2009
Dissident Threat Heightens
The Real and Continuity IRA are working together, with help from experienced former Provisionals, to mount attacks against Northern Ireland security personnel, a report published today has claimed.
08 November 2018
Man Found With Head Injury In West Belfast
A man has been found with a head injury next to a car in west Belfast. Shortly before 1.25am in the morning of Thursday 08 November the victim was found next to what police described as a "damaged, older model, black-coloured Ford Fiesta" in the Clonavogie Gardens area of west Belfast.
27 October 2008
Hundreds Of Civilians Living Under Dissident Threat
Civilians working for the Northern Ireland Policing Board are living under threat from dissident republicans, it has been revealed. Workers, who provide technical support to the PSNI, and man security points at police stations, have been told their lives are in danger.
25 November 2003
Murphy condemns bomb attack
Secretary of State, Paul Murphy has condemned last night's bomb attack near an army base in Co Tyrone. Dissident republicans are thought to have been behind the device which exploded in Dungannon at around 10pm on Monday. Two police officers narrowly escaped injury in the attack as they cleared the area surrounding the device.
25 November 2003
Chief Constable says police 'ready' for dissident threat
PSNI Chief Constable Hugh Orde has warned that there may be more "problems" in the next two days as police make final security preparations to guard the polling stations in Northern Ireland ahead of tomorrow's election. The Chief Constable's comments came after a bomb attack near an army base in Dungannon in Co Tyrone on Monday.
06 November 2008
Police In Firing Line As Trouble Continues
The police continued to come in for attack last night with news that a blast bomb was thrown at Lurgan PSNI station. The Police Service confirmed that what was described as a 'crude device' was thrown at the base at around 7.30pm on Wednesday night. The continuity IRA has claimed they carried out the attack.
08 May 2009
Police Seek Private High Court Challenge To Journalist
The Chief Constable has applied to have the case forcing a journalist to hand over information about the Real IRA held in private. The latest development comes today after the journalist continued to defy police requests to handover source information on dissident republicans, despite a High Court challenge.
22 October 2002
Real IRA warns it will target security forces
The Real IRA prisoners who have been waiting for an answer to their call for the group's leadership to stand down last week, appeared to have got their response yesterday.
06 July 2005
Suspect device an elaborate hoax
A suspicious device which was found in a Co Armagh town on Tuesday has been declared an elaborate hoax. Army bomb experts secured an area around Kinelowen Street in Keady and carried out two controlled explosions on the suspect package.
19 April 2002
Continuity IRA claim responsibility for Garnerville bomb attack
Dissident republican group the Continuity IRA has admitted to the bomb attack on a police training college in Belfast earlier this week. In a coded statement, the group claimed the new police service was still the RUC under a different guise.
17 April 2003
Bomb defused at DUP MP's office
Army technical officers have dealt with an explosive device at the north Belfast office of DUP MP, Nigel Dodds. The improvised explosive device, left close to the front door of the Shore Road office, was found just after 10.