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Quads are ideal for use in agriculture because they're expertly designed to function well on a variety of different terrains. These light little 4-wheel bikes make quick work of getting around your farm, meaning you can spend less time travelling and more time working. 4NI want to help enhance your farming experience, so we've scoured Northern Ireland for the most reliable quad and ATV dealers.

Quad bikes are also known at ATVs, meaning 'All-Terrain Vehicles'. These speedy little machines are especially popular in the agriculture, construction and ranch industries, providing the means to travel across acres of land in quick time. Quads are generally divided into two categories: utility and sport. Sport models are smaller and more streamlined, while utility ATVs are usually bigger and more durable so that they can pull modest loads that are mounted to the rear of the vehicle.

Despite the excitement and the adrenaline rush they may bring, quads be dangerous - so specialist training and safety equipment is recommended. In the UK, a quad bike is categorised as a B1 vehicle, so they can be driven on the roads if the relevant B1 licence is held by the driver. Additionally, your ATV will need to be registered by the government, taxed annually, and you must have insurance.

ATVs are well build for a range of farming tasks, so they're pretty indispensible pieces of equipment. Whether your agricultural business is situated in Ballymena, Dungannon, Omagh or further afield, Northern Ireland offers a great range of agricultural vehicle companies and quad bike stockists, supplying Suzuki, Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha, and other popular ATV makes and models.

4NI want to help make finding your ideal quad an easier task, so where possible, we include a short history of the company, a list of products that they offer, contact details, photographs, and reviews.

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