Tiles, Northern Ireland

Tiles are hugely important features in the design of your home. However, more often than not, choosing the right ones for your room can be an arduous task. That's why experienced tile centres are in business, there to give you the advice you're looking for. At 4NI, we've hunted up and down Northern Ireland to bring you a selection of the best tile suppliers established in our country.

Interior decor relies on the right tiles to set the mood in your home. Not only can they be applied across the walls of your kitchen and surrounding your fireplace, but they're also exceptionally well suited in all areas of your bathroom. Ceramic tiles give your house a chic and contemporary appearance and overall feel, and are available in just about any colour, style, texture, finish and size.

Furthermore, tiles aren't just sleek and stylish - they're extremely practical, too. Fitting ceramic slabs throughout your bathroom stops water from absorbing into your walls and prevents unsightly stains. Shower tiles act as a barrier, combating condensation and warding off mould, while bathroom floor tiles offer essential slip-resistance and are undeniably easy to clean up after showers. In addition, backsplash tiles are useful around hobs in kitchens; have you ever tried to clean grease off walls?

Ultimately, selecting the right tiles for your rooms isn't as simple as it may seem. That's why tile retailers and tile fitting companies specialise in this high-demand trade. Northern Ireland's tiling business are located everywhere from Belfast and Newry, to Craigavon, Ballymena and beyond.

4NI want to make finding experienced tiling companies located near you a breeze. When the information is obtainable, we try to include an adequate history of the business, a catalogue of products and services they provide, contact details, a gallery of their work, reviews, and a rating.

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