David Miliband Says Party Now Has A "Great Leader"

In his latest speech to the Labour conference, David Miliband has said the party now has a "great leader" in his younger brother Ed.

The shadow foreign secretary, added "I'll be fine" before calling for party unity and receiving a standing ovation.

After being pipped to the post for Labour leadership by his brother Ed, David Miliband, he is now considering whether to serve in the shadow cabinet.

Speaking ahead of the Labour conference, the shadow foreign secretary, said he would make his decision after the conference because he would "not do anything to take attention" from the new leader.

He said he would take his time with the decision and speak to colleagues regarding the next step. There is a possibility he will be offered the shadow chancellor's role.

Alistair Darling, the current shadow chancellor, will be stepping down from the front bench in the near future.

Ed Miliband described Mr. Darling's plans as "broadly the right starting point", but said he wanted to look at how they could be improved.

Nominations have now opened for the 19 shadow cabinet posts which are elected by a ballot of MPs. Other leadership candidates, including David Miliband, are expected to take prominent jobs if they stand for election. The vote takes place until 7 October.

His brother won race by just over 1%.


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